Loft Conversion on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

Revealed: The Truth behind Loft Living

Characterised by exposed brickwork and the imagery of a bohemian lifestyle, or sleek and minimal in a manner that is A œall business”; loft apartments are desirable living spaces for many.

Loft Conversion on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

True, some bear little resemblance to the draughty roof spaces above homes, and are probably better described as penthouses (such as the a£1,800 per week Metropolitan Wharfs recently offered in Wapping), yet loft living is becoming more and more popular among both the elite and less wealthy urban dwellers, with a particular trend in London for developers discovering a characterful warehouses or other decommissioned industrial spaces and transforming them into attractive inner-city homes.

So why are so many of us choosing to inhabit these apartments over regular flats? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of loft living?


Opting to live in a loft apartment has advantages beyond simply enjoying a unique and original living space that incorporates many of the perceived benefits of open-plan design – although for many this is the deciding factor.

Due to the bland and industrial nature of many of the buildings that are converted into this type of property, the canvas is almost completely blank when it comes to interior design, allowing you to create a personal and potentially adventurous layout and aesthetic.

In busy metropolitan areas, gardens and outside spaces are at a premium. With a loft apartment balconies and verandas become a real possibility, offering the opportunity for roof gardens and barbeque areas while simultaneously providing panoramic, unobstructed views for miles in either direction. Floor to ceiling windows, a popular addition in many of the more upmarket lofts, aid this no end.

Similarly, living up in the clouds helps to keep away the noise and stresses of London’s hectic urbanity, providing a quiet escape from the city.


The first thing to consider when weighing up whether loft living is for you is whether you can handle the physicality. By their very nature, loft apartments require a certain amount of mobility to enter and exit, and most will have been built in properties that will not be equipped with elevators, meaning stairs are often the only option.

The design of premises not initially intended for inhabitation can also make them susceptible to damp and rot if the structure is not treated to combat this during the redevelopment.

Popular among singles or professional couples, loft living isn’t particularly ideal for families – especially those with small children that will need to be carried up and down stairs as mentioned above.

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If loft apartment living is out of your price range or is not practical for your family life, converting the roof space in your existing home through a loft conversion into an extra bedroom, bathroom or living room provides a far more attractive and beneficial option.

Not only do attic conversions add space to your home, they can also raise the value of the property significantly.

As one of the leading providers of loft conversions in the London area, LMB have years of experience in providing the highest quality work for customers throughout the area. Working with you from start to finish, from design to sign off, you can be sure that your finished conversion will meet your requirements in a manner that’s on time and on budget.

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