hammock loft conversion

5 Unusual Uses for your Loft

There are many way to make more of a situation, to express yourself through design and to indulge your passions.

One way of doing this is to make changes to your house by renovating it, redesigning the look and feel of it or even converting your loft space and using the new space creatively.

For many homeowners in the U.K. converting their loft space often results in a new bedroom or an additional bathroom, but, every once in a while, we here about those who just aren’t into conventional.

There are those that opt for something a little more, them…

Now, we love original ideas here at LMB and there’s nothing better than a home conversion or renovation project which is truly different and inspired.

What follows is a collection of loft conversion projects; some are quirky, others are cool,we’ll let you decide.

See what you think – if you’ve got something worthy of our list or know someone who has, then get in touch as we’d love to here all about it!

After all, when converting the loft, the sky really is the limit!

(Subject to planning permission and building regulations of course, but don’t worry we’ll help you with all that!)


Home Cinema

Turning your loft in a home cinema is a great way to get that little bit more out of your home and your newly developed space.

It’s a great way to bring the family together and turn family movie night into something so much more!

The sloping walls of the roof can make for some really cosy spaces, so when it comes to comfy sofas and bean bags, you’re guaranteed to get super comfy with some popcorn and a blockbuster!

cinema loft conversion



For those of us who resemble a Greek adonis, or at least aspire to, then there’s nothing better than turning your top room into a workout space.

What you spend on converting your loft will pay for itself in savings on your gym membership!

Smart huh!

Think swiss balls, free weights, running machines, pull up bars on the beams, the possibilities are endless.

Convert your home and your body!

gym loft conversion


Yoga/Meditation Space

Now, it’s not uncommon for a house to become a little noisy or frantic once in a while, especially where small children are concerned.

One way round this is to create yourself a zen zone!

Somewhere where you can truly unwind, switch off and hum away your stresses in the lotus position.

The unique shape many loft conversions lends itself well to a cosy space that can be filled with carpets, some incense, and of course, a cowbell to help you really get into the spirit of things!

yoga space loft conversion


Rock climbing gym

Yes, you read that right…

This plucky character thought outside the box when pondering how to make best use of walls that are at a gradient – overhang climbing walls!

With the English weather, we think this will come in very handy.

climbing wall loft conversion



Another inspired use of a newly converted loft is to turn it into a home library.

Despite the rise in digital media, many people will never stray from the feel and touch of a good book.

Trying to find somewhere to store all your treasured tomes can become a bit of a struggle.

Why not add shelving to your newly converted loft and beautifully organise all of your books in your own personal library.

You could even turn it into a relaxing place to read; try hanging a hammock between two eaves!

library loft conversion

Whatever floats your boat, there are so many wonderful things you can do with a newly converted loft.

Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities of converting your loft and doing something really special in your home.