See below a selection of Bungalow-to-House Conversions Projects

Building an entirely new storey onto your existing property is certainly an ambitious project, which is why you need consummate professionals to ensure everything is performed properly. At LMB Group, our team have been helping homeowners unlock the full potential of their property for many years and always give a realistic idea of how much work is involved and the end result they can expect.
A benefit of engaging with a company like ours is that we project manage everything from beginning to end, from the initial plan drawings to the final fixtures and fittings. If you are considering a bungalow-to-house conversion, let the team here at LMB Group help bring your vision to life.
You will likely require planning permission, which is something we are more than happy to help you with. Applications will likely be met with success if there are other examples of property in your vicinity that have undergone similar extensions. Most importantly, your property will need to be assessed to ensure foundations and walls can take the structural load that a new storey will impose.
Once all structural considerations have been decided, our team will work collaboratively with you and our architects to develop design drawings which will determine the number of new rooms to feature on your upper level. We will also need to configure the property at ground level to accommodate access stairs, additional pipework and any structural support that is needed.

Step 1:

When it comes to a bungalow-to-house conversion, you might be wondering what sort of work is involved. We first need to strip your existing roof and gut the exterior. Next, the interior of your lower floor will need to be altered, followed by the construction of your second storey and new roof.

Step 2:

We can then install a pre-fabricated timber framework, which all your new rooms will be built around.

Step 3:

We also need to reclad your property exterior and install new windows. Once the main body of work is completed, we can install pipework, door frames and all other fixtures and fittings.