Loft Conversion

Our Loft Conversion Process Explained

Are you considering a loft conversion? Then you are not alone, as the popularity of loft conversions has increased ten-fold …

Loft Conversion

Cash in the Attic: 7 Ways to Make Money from Your Loft Conversion

With the cost of living rapidly rising, many of us are looking for alternative streams of income outside the 9-to-5. …

Interior Design

Loft Conversion Trends

In recent years, loft conversions have soared in popularity as many families choose to invest in their current property, avoiding …

working from home
Loft Conversion

The Benefits of Working from Home

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit British shores, remote working has increased ten-fold and many offices have permanently shut up …

a loft conversion which adds value to a home in london
Property Development

How to Add Value to Your Home in London

If you are searching for inspiration on how to add value to your home in London – then you have …

family preparing a meal together
Property Development

Benefits of Living with Your Family

The idea of moving back in with family might not initially be that appealing, but when you start adding up …

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Loft Conversion

Best Rooms for Working from Home

Working from home has been a phrase we have all become familiar with during the pandemic, and it looks to …


10 Unique Reasons To Invest In Loft Space

As London’s premier loft conversion specialists LMB Group knows just how much a loft conversion can benefit your home – …


Renovation Is Sweeping the Nation with LMB Group

The Front of Your Home Operation “Looking to work your way up the property ladder as effortlessly as possible? LMB …

Property Development

Up In The Air About Travelling Abroad?

Keep Your Feet On The Ground & Transform Your Home Into A Hotel PLANS ON STANDBY? CHARACTERISE YOUR LIVING SPACE …


Lockdown A Brand New Home Office In 2021

Home Sweet Home-Office Space 5 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Home Whilst You Stay At Home. Cast your minds …

House Extension

10 Reasons To Expand Your Living Space In 2021

With 2020 coming to a close and 2021 on the horizon, what’s your new years restoration? Out with the old, …

House Extension

6 Reasons Extra Space in The Home Can Promote Positive Wellbeing

Want some more head space for your place? One of many things 2020 taught us was that extra space in …

Will a House Extension Increase the Value of your Property?
House Extension

Will a House Extension Increase the Value of your Property?

With families growing and house prices traditionally soaring, it comes as no surprise that more people than ever are deciding …

Loft Conversion

How to Choose the Best Loft Conversion Company For You

There’s nothing worse than spending on lots of money on a loft conversion, only to realise that the company you’ve …

Loft Conversion

Understanding Loft Conversion Costs

According to research, the average cost of converting a loft is between £20,000 and £60,000. If you’re planning to convert …