Premier Loft Conversions in Bromley

For more than 30 years, LMB Group has been a leading provider of premier loft conversions in Bromley. When it comes to loft design and build, LMB Group leads the way.

Bromley’s Foremost Loft Conversion Specialists

The sky really is the limit with an LMB Group loft conversion. From design and planning to construction and a high-quality finish, we take the time to deliver a service you can trust. An LMB Group loft conversion is designed to maximise your space, whether you are looking for an extra bedroom, home office, fitness suite, hobby area, or teenage hangout. We can also include bathrooms, wet rooms, walk-in wardrobes, sound equipment, and air conditioning.

Transform your Bromley Home with our Comprehensive Range of Loft Conversion Styles

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom or build a brand new home office, it’s important to choose the most appropriate loft conversion type. From Dormers to Mansards, LMB Group offers a wide range of loft conversion styles to suit your needs. We would be happy to work with you to find the best loft conversion solution for your Bromley home.

Top 5 Reasons toConvert Your Bromley Loft

If you’re aiming to add value to your Bromley home or looking to expand your living space, converting your loft should be your first port of call. Here are the top 5 reasons why people convert their London and Bromley lofts.

Whether you’re expecting the pitter-patter of (yet more) tiny feet or inviting an elderly parent to stay with you for a while, converting your loft into extra living space is a great way to make room for your loved ones. Whereas a traditional extension will typically eat into precious outdoor space, a loft conversion won’t expand the footprint of your building, so you’ll still have a place to hang your washing and relax in the sun.

Professionally done, a loft conversion can increase the value of your property by up to 25%, far outweighing the costs of converting. When it comes to adding value to your Bromley home, converting your loft is a no-brainer.

Loft conversions are typically quicker than full extensions, in some cases only taking a few weeks. Depending on the type of loft conversion you choose, it’s also cheaper than other methods of extending your home.

An estimated 25% of home heat loss occurs through the roof. When converting your loft, the walls and floor are reinforced, and improved insulation can be installed in the ceiling.

Light, quiet, spacious: a loft can be used for almost anything. An extra bedroom, a home office, a film room, a creative space – the list goes on. And don’t forget, with the right storage solutions, a loft can be put to a combination of uses all at once.

30 Years of Experience in Bromley Loft Conversions

For over 30 years, the LMB Group has been converting lofts in the Bromley area and can count hundreds of satisfied customers across the region. From full-scale Mansard conversions to simple dormer installations, we’ve done the lot. Here are some examples of the work we have completed in Bromley.

Case StudyTreewall Gardens, Bromley

A spacious side dormer loft conversion in Treewall Gardens with plenty of rooms created to add extra living space in this property.
Road name: Treewall Gardens BR1
Town: Bromley
Loft Conversion Type: Dormer Loft Conversion
Duration of project: -

30 Years of Experience in Bromley Loft Conversions

Several factors determine whether your loft is suitable for conversion. First and foremost, your loft requires adequate headroom, typically at least 2.2m between the ceiling and the floor. This is because the new floors, beams, and insulation will reduce the headroom by approximately 20cm, with 2m of headroom being both a practical minimum and a planning requirement with regards to the clearance over the stairs. Anything less and you will have to raise the roof through additional building works. Don’t forget, when making this measurement, you should consider not just the highest point of the loft, but the headspace of the entire room, taking into account the pitch of the roof. Other obstacles, such as water tanks and structural supports may need to moved or incorporated into the living space.

You should contact the Local Planning Authority, who will help you determine whether you need planning permission for your Bromley loft conversion. As a courtesy, don’t forget to talk to your neighbours, who may be affected by your plans. They might also have valuable experience in obtaining planning permission in your local area.

The cost of a loft conversion is dependent on the current state of your loft and the type of loft conversion you choose. Straight room-to-room conversions can cost upwards of £15,000, whereas  mansard conversions, which involve raising the height of the walls, start from around £30,000. As a general rule, a loft conversion can cost anything between £1,100 and £2,500 per square meter. For more information, see our blog article: Understanding Loft Conversion Costs.

The complexity of the loft conversion determines the duration of the project. Simple projects can take as little as 4 weeks, dormer conversions 5-6 weeks, and mansard conversions 8-12. The project start date will depend on the state of the planning permission and the availability of materials.

We Also Offer Home Extensions in Bromley

Loft conversions might be our main line of business, but we also have years of experience in building home extensions in the Bromley area. Whether you’re looking to extend your open-plan kitchen into a light and airy family space, or add a washing room to clear up the clutter from the rest of the house, we can provide the skills and expertise to make your vision come true. Want to know more? Then give a member of our helpful team a call.