Hip to Gable and L-Shaped Conversion Tadworth, Surrey

LMB Lofts came highly recommended to us. It was actually through a friend of a friend. We’ve always used local builders in the past, so we were unaware of Lee – he hadn’t done any local work. As I say, he came highly recommended, and so far we have no regrets. Lee – who’s the managing director – first time he came to the site, he stood out in terms of his knowledge of loft extensions. These guys are specialist loft builders, they don’t do other work – or certainly to my knowledge, they don’t – and when you compare them to other builders… Lee just came in and knew exactly what we could do.

We’d already had architectural plans drawn up – and I know those guys at LMB do their own plans – but we’d used our own architect, and Lee actually just continued to add value to that process. And so far he’s built what’s looking like a great loft extension using the original plans, and he’s constantly coming up with ideas as to how we can improve that. I am, and always have been, apprehensive about builders and the whole quality of their work. I’m not a builder, but you have to put a lot of trust in people, and you’re spending a reasonable amount of money. Lee’s team, the onsite team, headed up by Laurance, were very professional. They turned up when they said they were gonna turn up, they were very very clean. We had an incredible amount of dust when we knocked through to the main house, but they put cellophane everywhere, and it was absolutely minimal dust.

So, good quality workmanship, and they tidied up after themselves, which was great. We have a growing family, which is why we wanted a loft extension in the first place, but I’m in no doubt it’s added a reasonable amount of value to the house – significantly more than the initial outlay would suggest. In fact, I’ve already recommended them [LMB] to two friends that live locally, so I’m sure LMB will get a lot more work in this area.


Loft Conversion Epsom, Surrey

Great service. Very quick and very thorough in what they do. They kept me updated with everything they were going to do.


Shrewsbury Road

GThis semi-detached property in Redhill received an L-shape dormer loft conversion to maximise living space for this family. A master bedroom with a separate shower room was created. A shaped window and a bathroom layout to accommodate the specifics of this property gave this couple the space they craved.

Alexei and Alice

Loft Conversion Dulwich, London

GIt was so wonderfully done; the attention to detail.


Valley road

It’s like a new house! We have an absolutely much larger space, each child has their own area to play in, and papa and mama still hide out and work!


Garage Conversion Shirley, London

Because of the quality of work i’ve had done, i have already recommended and would recommend to other people to use LMB.


Two side storey extension, Loft Conversion, Single Storey Rear Extension & an outbuilding in Thornton Heath

LMB Lofts were highly recommended to us by friends and we were impressed by their attitude towards building works as they were really friendly and approachable throughout. They were always on-time and always left the house in a really neat & tidy condition. Just perfect and I would highly recommend them.


Loft Extension Beckenam, London

Really nice, genuine people… The general package was really appealing.


Hip-to-Gable Dormer Loft Conversion Croydon

We were really nervous about it because we’d never done a loft conversion before. Lee came over and was really clear, and explained the whole process to us. He told us about the fees, payment structure and it was all really straightforward. And it was all done within the time period to a high quality!

Mr Klesnic

Dormer Loft Conversion Croydon

It’s made a massive difference. Whenever anyone comes upstairs and sees the work they don’t even believe that it was a loft – the size of the two bedrooms and the bathroom just make it look like it was always here.

Mr and Mrs Shakil

Dormer Loft Conversion Croydon

We trusted our project managers implicitly and felt comfortable giving them keys, knowing they would look after the property and clean up after themselves. I had visions that my house would look like a building site, but I was pleasantly surprised. We love it – absolutely love it – it’s an investment that we cherish, and the finished project is fantastic, particularly the bathroom. We’ve already had one referral actually from showing people the work – we’ve had so many compliments about the work that’s been done and the quality of the finish. I would definitely recommend LMB to others. They did an amazing job and the quality of the work is fantastic – I’m really really happy.

Mr & Mrs Golding

L-Shaped Dormer Loft Conversion Croydon

We needed a bit more space for our 2 boys and thought the older one would enjoy having his own space up in the loft, and he really is! We chose LMB Lofts because they have a high-street presence and it was important for me to go to someone who is established and has a good reputation.

Mr & Mrs Golding

Road and Ms Anna Benjamin from Guildersfield Road

Mrs Harris from Spencer