Loft Conversion Trends

In recent years, loft conversions have soared in popularity as many families choose to invest in their current property, avoiding the stress of a move with a loft conversion instead.

We might feel enthusiastic about the untapped space directly above our heads but deciding how to use it can be difficult. If you are feeling plagued with possibilities – take your inspiration from others.

To help, we have put together this article highlighting many of the current loft conversion trends, from the types of rooms people use for extra space to hints and tips to utilise the unique features often found in lofts.

Home Office

The impact of Covid-19 meant that working from home became the new normal for millions of us. As we emerge from the pandemic, many have embraced a new hybrid work culture, with several companies not planning to return to the office at all.

Whilst the kitchen table served a purpose as a temporary measure, it could never be a long-term solution. As such, many have converted their loft into an office, with the 9-to-5 taking place away from the hustle and bustle.

Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom can come in handy for visiting friends and family. However, rather than confining someone to the sofa, you will often find ample room in the loft for a double bed, low-lying furniture and even an en-suite. Adding finishing touches like feature walls and highlighting exposed beams or brickwork can  make the space feel extra special.

Those with low pitched roofs can install roof lights to help change the perception of space. While properties with more room to manoeuvre might consider installing mezzanine floors to create different levels.

Kids Bedroom/Playroom

Many of us face challenges with a growing family, with the main issue being a lack of space. Uprooting the household to a larger home is not always easy, especially when you have ties to the local area. However, many of us in the same boat have discovered that converting a loft into a children’s bedroom or playroom can be the ideal solution.

It is often more straightforward than a traditional extension, plus kids typically enjoy having their sanctuary away from prying eyes. A trend has also grown for quirky ladders instead of stairs over recent years, with parents transforming alcoves into snugs the kids can relax in.

Hobby Den

Many of us used the time over lockdown to indulge in our hobbies and passions or discover new ones – and there has been an upwards trend in transforming lofts into dedicated areas for such pursuits. For instance, if you are a musician, you could use foam tiles and carpet underlay to soundproof the loft. Alternatively, you could create your own movie room with a projector, library or craft area.

Home Gym

While many welcomed the reopening of public gyms, there is still a lot to be said about a make-shift home gym.

It is a place where you can be free from the usual household distractions and get yourself in the zone. Just be mindful of the placement of equipment and ensure you have enough headroom (2.2M at the highest point) before dusting off the treadmill.

Luxury bathroom

Always dreamed of a luxury bathroom? A converted loft could turn that dream into reality.  Often free from distraction, the loft is an ideal option for a luxury bathroom, and with the right placement of windows could see plenty of light let in.   The natural features of the loft are also ripe for being taken advantage of, such as low bathtubs fitting comfortably into the room’s eves.

Loft Conversion Trends: Final Thoughts

We hope our article about the latest loft conversion trends has given you plenty of inspiration for your renovation project. At LMB Group, we are loft conversion specialists and can provide you with plenty of advice should you need it.


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