The Benefits of Working from Home

working from home

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit British shores, remote working has increased ten-fold and many offices have permanently shut up shop. What started as a cautionary response to a global health crisis, has now turned into a way of life for millions. There are multiple benefits of working from home to both employees and employers alike – so, it is easy to see the appeal of remote working.

So, what are the benefits of working from home? Some might seem obvious and others might surprise you.

No Commuting

people commuting on a crowded tram

In pre-pandemic times, you probably thought that hours spent in cramped train carriages or queuing in traffic was part and parcel of your working day. Ditching your commute ties in with multiple benefits of working from home. As well as saving time, you will save money on costly season tickets, petrol, not to mention that daily latte you pick up along the way.

Commuting is stressful. The combination of crowds and early mornings takes its toll. Think of the times you sat down at your desk at 9 am grimacing, having experienced poor driving from other road users, dealt with queue jumpers or had to deal with being squashed in overcrowded carriages. You have had enough – and the day has only just begun.

No commute means later mornings and longer evenings for family commitments, chores or to simply unwind. With more energy reserves, you may also be willing to put in the extra hour or two for those time-critical projects and deadlines to help support your team when it matters most.

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If you have a boiler on the blink and need to hire a repairman, you will probably get a vague idea of when to expect them (for example the classic 8 am-6 pm window). The same goes for deliveries. The truth is life is much easier if you work from home. It is disruptive to your day to make up time for things like this, plus who wants to use their holiday allowance to just wait around?

Good employers understand that we have commitments aside from work. With homes to maintain, childcare considerations or other caring roles we have within the family, working from home gives people the flexibility to be there when it matters but still deliver on their workload.

Save money

We have already touched a little on how you can save money working from home. However, you might surprise yourself just how much. Aside from your daily coffee, you might have frequently been too tired to prep your lunch at home. It was all too easy to grab food on the go or splash out on a pizza delivery to the office. It can be staggering how much money we spend due to habit or lack of planning.

Convenience food comes at a cost but working from home gives you more hours in the day to prepare lunches. What’s more, you can avoid the temptation of a quick drink at the pub after work. Depending on your current lifestyle, you can probably think of even more ways to save money working from home. Your wallet will thank you later.


productivity - one of the benefits of working from home

Numerous studies have shown that working from home boosts productivity. This is due to several reasons. Firstly, you have the freedom to set up your workstation in a place free of distraction. This might be the living room, kitchen, bedroom or garage/outhouse. Without any office banality or water cooler moment about last nights TV, you can completely focus on what you are doing.

Communication is more streamlined, so you are less likely to find yourself in drawn-out meetings that eat up half your morning. With no commute to speak of and the associated stress that comes with it, you probably feel refreshed at 9 am and ready to hit the ground running.

With a clearer head, you will learn to prioritise better and manage your workload more effectively.

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Help towards your health goals

You might wonder whether there are real health benefits of working from home, especially if your former commute counted as cardio. You might need to ramp up your step count during the day but working from home does come with unique health rewards. We have talked about how prepping your lunch can save you money, but it also prompts you to make healthier food choices.

For a start, you have no excuse to skip breakfast – widely considered the most important meal of the day. You are in easy reach of your kitchen, so can stock up on fresh fruit and veg and other nutritious snacks. Once you clock off your time is your own, meaning more time to squeeze in a gym session after work. You could even slot some exercise into your morning routine or lunch hour. You see, there are several health benefits of working from home, so start as you mean to go on.

More job opportunities

With work from home job opportunities on the rise, prospective employees are no longer shackled to their geographical location when it comes to applying. Technology means that with a laptop and internet connection, we can work from almost anywhere.

This is good news for both employees and employers alike. Employees have the freedom to apply for their dream role without hindrance and, employers have access to a wider pool of talent to enhance their business.

Better Work-Life balance

The forced shift from offices to our own homes has made many of us re-evaluate what is important. Whilst we should never take our jobs for granted, our careers mustn’t consume us to the point we have no energy for leisure activities or time with family.

Burnout is no longer worn as a badge of honour and rightly so. With the emphasis now on wellbeing, the result is a happier better-adjusted workforce.

The Benefits of Working from Home – Final thoughts

As you can see the benefits of working from home vastly outweigh the negatives. However, before you wave adios to your office, make sure you have a workspace worthy of the name.

At LMB Lofts, we help people maximise their space, with bespoke extensions loft conversions and refurbishments. Why not get in touch with us for some home office inspiration?


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