Benefits of Living with Your Family

family preparing a meal together

The idea of moving back in with family might not initially be that appealing, but when you start adding up the benefits of living with extended family, there are countless positives.

Whether due to a change of circumstances or to save money, shared households are growing – with multiple families living under the same roof currently the fastest-growing type of household with an increase of two thirds over 20 years to an estimated 278,800 homes in 2020.

As London’s premier loft conversion and extension specialists, we at LMB Group regularly deal with merging families looking to create more space. If your family is growing and your home needs to expand, give us a call.

Benefits of Living with Your Family

To Save Money

One of the best advantages of living with your family is the potential to save money – be that on rent, bills, food or anything else.

Difficulties with finances can be a cause of concern for many of us. However, when it comes to cutting back on costs, moving in with family can help, as expenses like household bills and the weekly shop are now shared amongst more.

While for those who may be out of work or struggling to manage childcare costs as a single parent, the weight of these costs can often be lessened by family members who don’t mind lending a helping hand.

To Share Chores

washing machine

The phrase many hands make light work rings especially true when it comes to household chores. It goes without saying that the more of you there are, the less work there is for each person to do.

What’s more, by sharing chores amongst family, there’s likely a chance someone will take the job you hate – something not possible when you live alone. While finding out at the end of a long day that someone has already done that job you hate can help put a smile on your face.

For Emotional Support

We all have tough days but having the support of a loving family to turn to when you get home can make all the difference. Having a community of family members to return to, rather than distant housemates or an empty flat, can make all the difference, especially if you’ve moved back home due to a recent breakup.

The environment we live in is crucial to our happiness and surrounding ourselves with family is a great way of maintaining our wellbeing and mood.

For Child Support

Having the support of family, particularly your parents, who have been there before when it comes to raising kids, can make a massive difference, both physically and mentally.

Those that already live close to family will know how important that extra help can be. However, when living together, it is often much easier to ask for support – whether that’s helping with breakfast before school, bedtime stories last thing at night and everything in between.

To Enjoy Meals Together

family preparing a meal together

You can never quite beat a home-cooked meal and living back at home with family offers up plenty of opportunities to enjoy Dad’s much-loved lasagne or Mum’s Sunday roast. A meal prepared by a family member after a long day can be a real treat – just another of the many advantages of living with your family.

For Family Bonding

All living under the same roof frees up more time to spend bonding as a family, whether that’s enjoying rambling walks, playing board games, or simply sitting in front of the tv.

This extra time spent together also provides the perfect opportunity for companionship for those who typically spend time alone, such as an older family member.

If the benefits of living with your family have managed to convince you to move in with your loved ones but don’t quite have the space, we at LMB Group are on hand to help. Whether it’s converting the loft into an extra bedroom or extending out the dining room, our experts have the know-how and the tools to get the job done.

The Disadvantages of Living with Your Family

While the benefits of living with your family are many, there are still disadvantages to all sharing the same space under one roof, which proves moving back in with the family isn’t always plain sailing.

A Lack of Privacy

Unfortunately, living with extended family comes with numerous challenges, with the sudden lack of privacy being the toughest for many. No longer is it your home where you are free to do as you please, but that of your family. The kitchen, living room and bathroom all become shared spaces which can be particularly tricky if you have become used to only living by yourself or with a partner. Having to queue for the bathroom in the morning or being unable to invite friends around at any hour can often be tough to adjust to and can quickly lead to conflict.

Social Stigma

Despite it being commonplace nowadays, there is still a social stigma attached to adults living at home with their parents. While many who live with their family lead completely normal lives, they may still find themselves answering questions and defending their choice from those who still hold negative stereotypes.

However, depending on circumstances, the advantages of living with your family are likely worth the odd snarky comment.

loft bedroom
A loft bedroom could help to give you the space you and your family need.

However, many problems that arise when moving in with family can be resolved by creating more space. For example, converting that unused loft into a bedroom for extra privacy or extending outward to create a new bathroom to prevent the early morning queue help lessen any challenges that arise when living under the same roof.

Whether you are looking for a loft conversion or an extension to your home in South London or Surrey, at LMB Group, we have the specialist skills and experience to get the job done. Get in touch with us today by calling our team on 0208 406 9907 or emailing us at


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