Popular Garage Conversion Ideas

Some rusty gardening equipment; an old mattress; a few half-empty tins of paint; a rusty old car waiting to be scrapped: this is the scene in hundreds of garages up and down the country, with many homeowners wasting this potentially invaluable additional space in their home.  

Often, a lack of weather-proofing is the reason behind such neglect, with only the hardiest items placed into storage in garages that might be susceptible to water ingress or freezing temperatures.

But garages should not just be considered a dumping ground for unwanted household items (or even just a place to keep the car) – for those looking to add the luxury of space while simultaneously increasing the value of their home, a garage conversion is the ideal solution.

Home Office

Perhaps one of the most common uses for a converted garage is as some form of home office or studio, offering space away from the madness of the home in which to concentrate without distraction. Going down this route means ensuring plenty of natural light, as well as accommodations for electrics to power any equipment or lighting that may be needed.

Spare Bedroom

Maybe your family has just increased in size; maybe you’ve got a teenager looking for a bit more independence; or maybe you simply want to create somewhere that guests can come and stay. Either way, a garage conversion can be a great way to add an extra bedroom to your home. Make sure that adequate insulation is in place, as well as any necessary plumbing if you’re planning to include an en suite.

Kitchen Extension

Instead of creating a new room on the side of your house, why not allow your existing house to expand into the space? Knocking through an internal wall and opening up your kitchen into the garage can potentially double its size, offering the opportunity for a combined dining and cooking area that will serve as the centrepiece of the family home.

The More Adventurous

Simply adding another bedroom or a home office not enough of a project? Why not consider something a bit more leftfield. A home gym is one straightforward use of the space, helping you to cut out those gym fees while shedding the pounds. For the vino connoisseur, a bit of clever carpentry could create a luxurious wine cellar to store those vintage bottles, while an investment in a pool table or a couple of comfortable sofas and a big TV could provide the ultimate leisure area away from the rest of the home.

Whatever route you decide to take with your garage conversion, be sure to get the right people in for the job. A professional conversion company will be able to help you plan and design your garage extension, taking care of all planning permissions and building regulations and ensuring that the work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

LMB Group have decades of experience as the leading providers of loft and garage conversions across the Croydon and wider London areas. Our expert team are on hand to transform your garage into an attractive living space, whether as a home office, an extra bedroom, a leisure area or simply as effective storage space.

With a project manager overseeing every aspect of the conversion, LMB work hard to ensure the highest quality results every time. Get in touch today to find out more.