The Advantages Of A Garage Conversion

Converting a garage is a simple and economical way of gaining an extra room, without the hassle and expense of major renovations.

The work is usually completed within a month and, although cutting the doorway through may leave some residual dust, there is generally a very low level of mess or disruption to deal with. Generally, professional builders will be aware that life is continuing as normal inside your home, and will operate accordingly.

By converting your garage space into a living area you are changing its use, and will, therefore, need to obtain Building Regulations from your local council. This will require an inspector to visit before and after the work has been carried out. However, it is a simple process and ensures your safety. Planning Permission rarely needs to be sought for a garage conversion, as you are not extending beyond the existing property and the work is almost entirely internal.

Most people use their garage as a storage area and it can become quite full of unwanted or unused household items. Therefore, a de-cluttering exercise is vital in advance of engaging a builder. You will need to find a home for the present contents of your garage, which can be a time consuming process. Moreover, the builder will need the area to be clear in order to measure, make plans and supply you with an accurate quote. For many people, once a conversion is complete all the hard work definitely feels worthwhile, plus you will have increased the value of your home.

As they are already an integral part of the property, a garage conversion can be finished to coordinate perfectly with your pre-existing decor. Use similar shades in your decorating, but also stick to the uniform skirting and door fittings. It is important to bear in mind the exterior appearance of your garage as well. A sympathetic conversion will blend seamlessly with your paintwork, window fittings and masonry. Getting the details just right is a team effort, so be sure to speak to the builder and make your wishes clear from the outset.

The space you have to consider will usually seem quite long and narrow, so it can be successfully divided up into specific areas. Popular options are a bedroom with an en suite bathroom, a kitchen with utility room, or a playroom with bathroom. As one end of the room will usually be windowless – because it backs on to your home – this area lends itself well to housing a bathroom or utility space. An extractor fan can be installed to avoid humidity becoming an issue, and a stud wall is an ideal divider. Also, a heating supply can be connected to the central heating system, or fitted as an independent unit.

If you have a choice as to where the new door should be positioned, do not make up your mind until you have thought out the furnishings. Without planning, large items like wardrobes and beds may overlap the frame by a few vital inches, so do your research. Using furniture with features like under-bed draws will allow you to store some of the items you previously kept in the garage, freeing up other parts of your home.

Homeowners may have growing families, require a work from home office, or may simply want more room in a property they love. Whatever the circumstances, a garage conversion is a cost-effective way of adding floor space, without having to move home.

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