Changes To Planning Laws – Time To Extend!

Kitchen flooring Property Refurbishment on Grimwade Avenue, Croydon

Now that Christmas and the New Year festivities have passed, many are looking to the future and considering a few life changes. Giving your house a facelift is a simple and highly beneficial way to make a positive start to the year, so why not kick off 2013 with an attractive and value-boosting extension to your home?

Property Refurbishment on Grimwade Avenue, Croydon

Thanks to two relevant pieces of government legislation, there has never been a better time to consider extending your home – either upwards with a loft conversion or outwards with the addition of a conservatory or kitchen extension.

Firstly, a new plan to help boost the construction sector, and consequently the economy, has been proposed by parliament. The shake-up essentially sees a relaxation of planning laws, allowing people to build loft conversions and extensions to homes and small businesses without the need to obtain permission from local planning offices (excluding conservation or protected areas). Although planning permission was previously unnecessary for smaller extensions, the length now permitted without need for application has risen to eight metres for detached homes and six metres for others, so long as it doesn’t take up more than half the length of the garden.

This will not only be of great benefit to the construction industry, which will now be able to work quicker and more efficiently with less red tape to navigate, but also to first time home owners who will now be able to add immediate value to their house and climb the property ladder at an increased rate.

The changes will also prove highly convenient for all home and small business owners. Up to now, applying for planning permission has been a lengthy process, with endless forms to fill in and a six-to-eight week response time. The new laws eradicate the need for this, meaning that work can start right away, and you can begin enjoying a new loft or conservatory in no time.

It is important to bear in mind however that this is not a permanent alteration to law, and the legislation change will run for an as yet undecided fixed time period to accelerate growth. This makes now an even better time to consider embarking on your extension, as compulsory planning permission may be reinstalled before too long.

The second piece of legislation to warrant interest from those looking to improve their home comes in the dismissal of a proposed law that would have forced anyone carrying out extensions on their property to perform additional energy efficiency improvements, such as cavity wall insulation. It has been argued – by the likes of Communities Secretary Eric Pickles – that the changes would discourage homeowners from undertaking the work, stating that many would be put off by the cost, upheaval and fear of cowboy builders encouraging unnecessary work.

Here at LMB Group, we are able to offer the speed and quality of workmanship necessary to take advantage of these changes to legislation, carrying out attic, bedroom, conservatory and garage conversions at very competitive rates. Our team all work to the highest professional standard, and we are able to offer you a free quotation with a fixed price – meaning no hidden costs!

So get in touch today, and start your new year off with an attractive loft conversion or conservatory extension.


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