Top Penthouses From Around The World

Forever synonymous with class and wealth, the penthouse in any building is more often than not its most desirable property, representing an elevated status both literally and figuratively.

Those penthouses that are valued in seven digits are generally the keep of the super-rich who wish to remain within city borders instead of inhabiting a large country pile, leading to some pretty impressive properties situated in some of the world’s most prestigious metropolises. Here are just a few…

The Quintessential Penthouse, Los Angeles

Located along the prestigious Wilshire Corridor that dissects the City of Angels, the Quintessential Penthouse offers anyone with a cool £6.6 million incredible views of the Pacific and more than 6,400 square feet of lavishly decorated bachelor pad. Nearby Fox and MGM studios can be seen from the spacious glass balcony, and the four bedrooms and five bathrooms provide sufficient space for a few friends.

Value – £6.6 million

Saint Petersburg Penthouse, Russia

Heavily minimalist in its aesthetic, this Russian pad is an extravagant display of 1930s Eastern European architecture, and each room curls around a central spine to give a rounded, organic feel to the layout. With high ceilings, three floors and panoramic views of the beautiful city of St Petersburg, the penthouse also includes a number of modern touches for the contemporary urban dweller; built in sound systems, flat screen TVs and futuristic kitchen gadgets are in abundance throughout.

Value – £10million (estimated)

One57 Penthouse, New York

In an area considered to be one of the most expensive in terms of property prices within a city that has the same reputation, Manhattan’s One57 Penthouse is thought to be the priciest ever listed. This should give you a decent idea as to the prestige of this six bedroom, 10,923 square foot apartment situated within the tower of the same name, as well as an indication as to the size of the price tag – around $110 million (approx. £65 million). The centrepiece is a 57 foot wide salon window that gives stunning views of Central Park to the penthouse’s residents.

Value – £65million

The Spencer Condominium, New York

Staying in the Big Apple for our final penthouse, the Spencer Condominium represents a monument to all things wealthy (and is consequently quite garish to the eye), and can be found deep in the heart of New York’s bustling 5th Avenue. Clocking in at 5,190 square feet and a cool £18 million, this penthouse currently has a celebrity owner in the shape of Joan Rivers. Designer Horace Trumbauer has splashed 18th century French influences everywhere, with the spirit of Versailles truly alive and well in the city that never sleeps.

Value – £18million

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