Loft Insulation With The Green Deal Initiative

Reducing the amount of wasted energy in our homes and businesses is an issue at the forefront of the nation’s consciousness today, and finding ways to stay green without breaking the bank is an on-going concern. With this in mind, a new government scheme has been introduced to encourage property owners to take eco-friendly measures for themselves, known as the Green Deal Initiative.

Loft Conversion on Glenthorne Avenue, Croydon

The enterprise came into being at the end of January this year, and has already started to pick up pace across the UK, particularly useful for those embarking on a loft conversion or home extension. So what actually is the Green Deal, and how can it apply to your conversion project?

What is the Green Deal?

One of the government’s most developed and well-constructed initiatives to date, the Green Deal encourages commercial and residential property owners to install more eco-friendly elements, known as ‘measures’, into their homes and businesses. These include solar panelling, micro wind generators, efficient boilers, double glazing, energy saving light bulbs and more.

The measures are installed totally free of charge, with payments towards their cost made through your energy bill over a period of 25 years. However, this won’t saddle you with debt if you leave the property during this time, as the price of the installation will stay with the premises, not with you.

The scheme is hoping to help over 26 million homes and 2.8 million businesses become more energy efficient by the year 2030.

Why is the Green Deal being introduced?

Britain has some of the most out-dated buildings in Europe, with a vast waste of energy through heat loss occurring every year. Ensuring that it is properly insulated is the best way to reduce this waste, and that’s where the Green Deal steps in.

Who can apply for the Green Deal?

All home and business owners can apply for the Green Deal, as long as the expected economic savings are equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill. In rented properties, tenants and landlords must both agree to Green Deal measures before work can take place.

You are able to apply for the scheme through either a Green Deal Assessor or a registered Green Deal Provider, the full list of which can be found on the Green Deal website. The number of companies signing up to the initiative is growing by the week, so you’re sure to find a supplier close to you that can help.

How can the Green Deal help your loft conversion?

As well as providing double and triple glazed windows, insulated doors, and a vast range of solar and wind power generating tools, the initiative is perfect for those taking on a loft conversion or home extension. With a selection of loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, flat roof insulation and solid wall insulation options available, your loft could immediately start saving you money on your energy bills. As they will be responsible for all warranties on the installations, Green Deal will only select the finest materials for the job, guaranteeing you first rate products and workmanship. The initiative follows energy commission guidelines for loft insulation, ensuring a minimum 27cm thickness throughout.

LMB Group

A loft conversion is a fantastic way of utilising extra space in your home, and the experienced professionals at LMB Group are on hand to carry out first rate new designs and installations to customers throughout the South East. We are able to work alongside Green Deal providers, preparing your new attic for insulation installation and solar panelling so you can start saving on your energy bills straight away.

Our team are fully accredited by all relevant associations, including TrustA Trader and the Association of Master Tradesman, as well as being registered Velux suppliers, guaranteeing the best quality workmanship and products.

For more information, or to request a free and fully itemised quote, get in touch with LMB today.