loft conversion on Shirley Road, Croydon

Loft Conversion Types: Velux

All loft conversions, provided they are suitable to your home and the available space, bring with them untold benefits in terms of increased space and property value.

Some loft conversions require extensive work, such as the hip to gable or rear dormer conversions that often necessitate alterations to the roofline.

Velux conversions, however, are far less intrusive. Fitting windows into the pitch of your roof (sometimes referred to as ‘skylights’ or ‘rooflights’) is a simpler way to turn your attic space into a new bedroom, bathroom, home office or leisure area.

loft conversion on Shirley Road, Croydon

What is a Velux Conversion?

Firstly, it’s important to note that a Velux and a rooflight conversion are essentially the same thing – Velux is the leading manufacturer of roof windows in the world, and their name has become synonymous with this type of extension.

That said, there are a variety of different styles of Velux conversion available to allow for flexible room designs, with different shapes and positioning for roof windows opening up the space in different ways.

Benefits of a Velux Conversions

So what makes Velux conversions so popular? There are a number of benefits to having skylights installed in your loft.

First of all, they are relatively easy to install, requiring the alteration of only one rafter as opposed to the entire roofline. This also helps to keep costs low, making Velux installations a highly cost-effective way to create a livable space in your loft.

Windows set into the pitch of the roof are exposed to natural light all day long, making the room a light and airy place for a new bedroom, bathroom or office. They provide a convenient way of opening up the space without the need for intrusive conversion work, and the work can be completed much quicker than with other loft extension types.

Practical Considerations

Velux conversions are mainly suited to lofts with sufficient headroom, usually at least 2.4 metres at the highest point (the legal limit is 2.2m, yet this height is generally not conducive to a skylight). Those with lower ceilings or a more pronounced pitch would benefit from a dormer or Mansard extension.

Fortunately, as no extension of the original roofline takes place during a Velux conversion, no planning permission is required to undertake the work. However, it would be courteous to inform your neighbours of any work taking place, to give them sufficient warning regarding potential noise and disruption.

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