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Refurbishment Focus: Electric Lighting

There are many things to consider when choosing electric lighting and there are just as many ways to use lighting in your house.

The latest instalment of our Refurbishment Focus Series looks at these considerations to help make the task of selecting lights and lighting styles a whole lot easier.

We’ll also look at the various ways you can manipulate the lighting in your home to get more from the humble bulb without compromising space or your budget.

The symptoms of bad lighting can sometimes be glaringly obvious… Headaches, sore eyes, frustration at bashing your toe on every single piece of furniture in the house!

Look at the whole picture

The most important consideration is planning your electric lighting as part of a wider picture during your refurbishment or renovation project, and therefore, the other aspects of your home alongside.

For example, to get the lighting you really want, you might need to plan the fixtures and fittings of your lighting alongside your plans for the plumbing – there will often be limitations when changing things, but look out for the opportunities too!

electric lighting front room

Multipurpose rooms

Thinking specifically about lighting in each part of the house, bear in mind that some rooms will have multiple uses.

Living rooms may need to be cosy and dimly lit at times, whereas they may need to be bright and conducive to studying or homework at other times.


Accentuating the details

Another key area for consideration is all about the detail.

Does you home have feature areas?

Do you have pieces of art, plants or similar that you want to draw attention to?

If so, well-placed accent lighting will help you to draw these features out and focus attention on them.

You could focus spot lights over art or place a subtle lamp behind a large plant.


Natural light & Winter months

Establish your levels of natural light in each room or space.

Even during the day rooms can suffer from a lack of natural light.

This can be combated with electric lighting to ensure your home is comfortable all day long, all year, no matter the season.

electric lighting lounge

Keep it practical

Consider circuits when designing your electric lighting scheme; do you want your lights to be operated individually or do you want to be able to turn them all on/off at the same time?

If you opt for the former, think about how many buttons or dimmer switches you may end up with on one wall-mounted panel!

Will you really remember what they all do?

Trial and error could end up in a disco before you know it!


Maximising and manipulating light

Struggling to fit lights in or on a tight budget?

Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce light back into the room.

When entertaining or trying to achieve a more festive or cosy feel, why not use fairy lights draped around the mantlepiece or a display of dried flowers?

Remember, your lighting doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture.

Another quirky idea is using pierced lanterns or lamp shades to house bulbs which will create soft patterned affects around the room.

electric lighting accents

Create space

If you want a larger-looking room you should think about using wall washers on a large area of brightly coloured wall.

These will splay light and reflect the vibrancy of the bright wall.

You could also try uplighters to spill light on to the ceilings or place lights in all four corners of a room, as this will also create a larger more spacious impression in a room.


Make a room smaller & cosy

If you want to make a room appear smaller or cosier then avoid ceiling lights altogether.

If you’re looking to cosy up a large room with high ceilings, opt for several types of small lamps which create pools of light and shadows, making the room appear smaller and drawing the area inwards.

electric lighting lamps


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