loft conversion on Verdayne Ave, Croydon

Decorating Tips For Loft Conversions

Whether adding another bedroom, or creating a home office or playroom, loft conversions offer the convenience of extra space without having to move house. The benefits are obvious – and that’s before you start considering how much value is added to your home when you extend upwards! So with the addition of a new room in the home in which to spend your time, thoughts turn to decoration, making the space inviting in a manner suited to its intended use.

loft conversion on Verdayne Ave, Croydon

With a number of things to think about, from lighting to furnishings and colour schemes, it’s important to get your loft decoration right after conversion. So what are some of the considerations that should be made when it comes to kitting out your loft correctly?


If your loft has a lower head height or pitched ceilings, it could feel small and drab if it is decorated in a darker shade. Opt for bright tones for walls and carpeting, giving the room an airy feel, while mirrors can help to open up a space by reflecting light and giving the impression of more room. Similarly, painting the wall and ceiling the same shade will reduce the contrast between them, making it less obvious where a low ceiling begins and a wall ends.

Before painting your loft, be sure to sand down any exposed wood (staircases, window frames, walls, skirting boards, flooring), and consider priming it prior to applying paint.


It may be an obvious place to start, but ensuring that the furniture you select for your loft is suitable for the space and application is vital. Many lofts have sloped (pitched) ceilings that will make some more orthodox furniture unusable – don’t run the risk of overfilling the space with furniture, as the room can start to feel claustrophobic very quickly.

Built-in furniture, such as bespokely designed wardrobes and cupboards, could be the answer here. For bedrooms, utilise storage space with drawers under beds and cupboards inside bedside tables, while offices can benefit from increased desk drawer space and cabinets that employ width over height.

Consider how you will get furniture in and out of your loft with the width of your staircase – flatpack items that can be built when in the loft are perhaps the best way forward here.


Lighting makes a big difference both to the usability of a space and its perceived size. Spotlighting is an attractive way to save space, with bulbs inset into the ceiling to prevent the need for hanging lights and light shades.

Creative lighting placement can help to change the mood within the room, with a corner lamp or strip lighting either side of a chimney stack adding a cosy and intimate feel.

Natural lighting is not to be ignored, as sunlight is key to making a living space suitable for spending large amounts of time. Velux skylights are the obvious way to go, taking up no extra room and taking advantage of a sloped ceiling in order to maximise light filtration.

If you have a vertical wall, such as with a dormer or hip to gable conversion, then French windows become an option. Floor-to-ceiling French windows  

LMB Group work throughout Croydon and the wider London area to create beautiful and practical loft conversions and extensions for all homes. Our experienced loft design team ensure that your conversion offers the quality and space you require, and we are on hand to offer decorating services and advice to provide that perfect finish. For more information, or to discuss your loft conversion needs, get in touch with the team at LMB today and we’ll be more than happy to perform a survey at your home.