Loft Conversion on Glenthorne Avenue, Croydon

Converting Into A Child’s Bedroom

When you become a parent, you will for a while be able to indulge your own taste. Babies are not concerned with decor or clothing, as long as they have peaceful surroundings and someone to meet their every demand.

Loft Conversion on Glenthorne Avenue, Croydon

But before too long, your child will start to impose his or her own taste, and you’ll want to create a space that reflects that personality. This could mean simply re-decorating the nursery, or progressing to another room, or increasing the number of rooms that you have available.

Different to a normal bedroom

Don’t expect this to be like decorating your own bedroom. There are different considerations here, such as safety. Go for large floor cushions and non-slip mats, or low cost carpets that are washable. You want durability, and the ability to tweak the look with, minimum effort, more frequently than an adult would. Painted walls can be wiped clean, or you could hang washable wallpaper.

A child’s bedroom will benefit from low cupboards and brightly coloured boxes to encourage them to put things away. Involve your child in choosing colours (bright, clear colours attract them) and if they are old enough, let them help with decorating. They could add their own motifs or help you to paint old furniture, the most suitable kind for children’s rooms, and if it can be adapted to a smaller size, so much the better. Help them to cut out letters to form their own name, to hang across the room.

Personalise to their taste

Children love to have their own space and to stamp their identity on it, so think about their interests. Are they active, always dashing about? Then equipment like foam balls, a baseball hoop and soft bats will encourage your future Olympian. Musical? Always singing or using the nearest object as a drum? Leave some child-safe musical instruments around. Do you come across Banksy style offerings in the most unexpected places? Cover a wall with chalkboard paint from a hardware shop, or hang up a large wipe clean board and leave them to express themselves. Cork tiles on one wall should keep artwork etc. off painted walls.

They probably have a favourite TV character, but avoid themed wallpaper, or you could be changing it every year or so. Stick to cheap accessories instead for this. A small tent would be ideal for pretending, for privacy or for sleepovers. If you have more than one child, they may have to share until they are older. Bookshelves make good room dividers as well as providing storage space.

Convert your loft

Another option would be to have your loft converted. These attractively shaped quirky rooms will appeal to a child and their friends. Storage and space will need careful planning, with fitted cupboards under beds and specially made shelves in the sloping walls. Expandable net bags or baskets could hang from the corners of the eaves and keep toys tidied away. A raised bed could hide a den beneath it, or house a slide out bed or blow up mattress for small guests. Alternatively, underbed drawers will keep clothes handy. Your child will appreciate the privacy of the location, and you will appreciate the peace!

The loft would be still be an ideal playroom even if not used as a bedroom. Again, a tent would give a private space or be good for small overnight guests. And you would still get your peace!