Loft conversions on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

Why You Should Clean a Dusty Loft

Whether in the regular weekly house tidy up, or in the more in-depth spring clean, the loft is sometimes the last port of call, and is often forgotten about all together.

Many lofts, particularly those that have been converted into extra living space, have floorspace the size of the entire top floor of the house, giving ample room for dust to collect and go unnoticed.

Loft conversions on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

Keeping Your Loft Clean

One reason for getting the duster out is to prevent the proliferation of insects and rodents. Dust is an invitation for rats, mice, spiders and other unwelcome guests to make themselves at home. In particular, rodents will cause structural damage and leave droppings that spread disease.

If a loft is neglected, the potential for its use as a storage space or guest bedroom diminishes. No one likes to breathe in dust – not least those with allergies – and entering a room covered in the stuff doesn’t seem appealing.

People tend to overlook lofts during their house cleaning routines because they are less accessible and out of sight. But this can cause safety concerns when a person with allergies enters a dusty loft, as one symptom of a dust allergy is breathing difficulties.

The Motivations for Cleaning Your Loft

Loft conversions add value to a home and provide an extra space for storage or a bedroom. But they are often out of sight, meaning there is less incentive to clean them. A good way to motivate yourself is to think about how someone visiting would view the space or what it would be like to live up there.

You could also think about how breathing in dust will affect your health. If you don’t already have an existing allergy, then constantly inhaling dust as you enter a loft space will certainly put you at risk of triggering one.

Dust and mildew in a neglected loft will cause anything stored up there to develop a musty smell that is very difficult to get rid of.

Breathing New Life into a Loft Space

A loft doesn’t have to be that place that you never enter, unless absolutely necessary. One that is clean and tidy can provide a warm and welcoming space for guests, as well as increase the value of a home. With the strategies listed above, hopefully you can grab the duster and breathe new life into your loft space, turning back time to when it was once useful.

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