Airspace Development in London and Surrey

LMB Group has been creating outstanding loft conversions and extensions for customers across Croydon and the wider London area for more than 25 years.
But did you know we could also build a whole new property on your roof giving you numerous options of space, work or even a rental opportunity.
Airspace development is a fresh, sustainable construction method that provides new homes without compromising the integrity of the existing property, the owner or users.

Facing the Future in Airspace Development

For more than quarter of a century, LMB Group has led the way when it comes to construction innovation and best practice.

Our highly skilled professionals are fully trained to deliver the ideal build and we are confident we can certainly get your airspace plans off the ground.
Read on to find out more about this forward-thinking property solution.

Tell Me More about Airspace Development?

Airspace is essentially a rooftop development that provides brand new homes within a property’s ‘air rights’ or space on top of the existing building.
An airspace home can be one or two storeys high and offers an ideal answer to the current housing crisis without encroaching on further land space or the Green Belt, for example.

Who Owns the Airspace?

For all LMB Group customers, the short answer is: ‘You do’. As the freeholder of the building, you are technically the owner of the space above the roof too.
In 2019, the UK government relaxed permitted development rights to enable people to build a ‘new floor’ on blocks of flats. This was then further relaxed to allow whole new skyline developments.
Designed primarily for densely populated urban use, airspace builds have the possibility to be the next big thing in construction.

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How Are They Built?

An LMB Group airspace building can usually be built almost entirely off site. These modular or prefabricated homes use the latest design and build techniques to create a welcoming space that can be single or even double storey.
The stylish, high-spec properties are then assembled by the expert LMB Group team on the rooftop – a process that minimises disruption as well as the integrity of the existing building.

What Are the Benefits?

For freeholders the main plus of airspace development is the supplementary income potential. Adding another property is a great way of increasing your rental opportunities, as well as your portfolio.
There are a range of general benefits too such as: an increase in new homes; the preservation of existing buildings; the use of more sustainable, less disruptive construction techniques to name just a few.

The Sky’s the Limit

Airspace developments enable builders to create bespoke, high-spec dwellings such as penthouses that utilise the magnificent views on offer.
Using state-of-the-art technologies, an airspace design can easily incorporate more environmentally-friendly materials and greener construction techniques.
Offering contemporary, light-filled rooms, open-plan luxury, an airspace home provides the perfect answer for 21st-century living.

Facing the Future

The scheme is backed by the Mayor of London’s office and local Councils are very supportive of the process for urban use.
At LMB Group we are more than ready to get your airspace development up and running, our vast experience with loft conversions and roof work, puts us in the ideal place to construct a luxurious, bespoke new property designed just for you.

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