How to Turn Your Loft into an Inspirational Creative Space

creative space

When it comes to sparking creativity – the right environment is key. By investing time and thought into your surroundings, you will set yourself up for success.  This article will explain how to turn a loft into a creative space, primed to inspire new ideas. Plus, we’ll share our creative space design tips to get your creative juices flowing.  

Why is your environment so important?

Creativity may come more naturally to some but never underestimate the impact our surroundings have on our minds and train of thought. When it comes to working on a creative project or task, half the battle is just getting started.  A designated creative space in your loft means you can set the tone for what you want to achieve. It also keeps you accountable and frees you from any distractions in other areas of the house. If you are someone who struggles with concentration or gets claustrophobic, then fostering a healthy creative environment is essential. 

Let in the Light

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, light plays an important part in your loft. Choose natural light over artificial lights wherever possible. Large windows, skylights, velux windows and Juliet balconies allow light to stream inside, whilst dim lighting of an evening will soften your surroundings, which in turn can feel more relaxing and clear your mind. Try where possible to position your desk or worktop in an area prone to more light, as this will also help you feel more alert.

Get the Colours Right

Neutral colours are considered best for creative thought, especially when it comes to writing or painting, whilst blue is known to promote calmness. Avoid anything striking with too many patterns that could be a distraction. Plain walls promote the feeling of a blank canvas or clear palette. A musician might find a bright statement wall makes them feel more energised, therefore give some thought to your colour scheme before committing to anything.

Make it Personal

Tailor the creative space in your loft to your tastes. Use the walls to hang up an inspirational quote or photos of places that pique your creativity. Better still, if you are an artist, why not display past work of your own? Introducing life forms such as plants and watching them thrive can also provide you with a focal point and make you feel motivated. Make use of soft furnishings, such as plush cushions to make your loft somewhere you enjoy spending time.  

Think About What Matters the Most

Depending on what your creative pursuit is, you might have certain specifications. This could range from soundproofing to a splash-proof floor. Write a list of everything you would like to be included and order it by what is most important to you.

Storage Solutions

Clutter is a barrier to creative output, so make sure your loft has plenty of available storage space for any equipment, tech or props you might need. Make use of every area of your floor plan – there are plenty of low-lying storage cabinets that will fit comfortably under your eaves. Giving every item a home will make your loft feel much less chaotic and help you zone in on your thoughts and ideas.

Turning Your Loft into a Creative Space: Final thoughts

Feeling inspired? Now we have shown you how to turn your loft into a creative space, you have no reason but to get started. The experts here at LMB Group know all about loft conversions and will help bring your vision to life.  When it comes to the loft design process, we are happy to discuss your specific needs. Why not give us a call today?


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