Property Refurbishment on Grove Hill, East Dulwich

Moving Home vs Renovation

If you spend a few years in the same property, there will likely come a time where you grow tired of what your home looks like  – the wallpaper might look dated, you’re bored of walking into the same kitchen every day, or your bedroom might need a transformation. These are thoughts that pop into everyone’s mind occasionally, and in some cases, you might even feel like it’s time to move house altogether. There certainly are benefits to that decision – a fresh start, a blank canvas of sorts to live out your interior design dreams, but is there any aesthetic change you can achieve by moving house that you can’t get with some home improvement works?

Property Refurbishment on Grove Hill, East Dulwich

The team at LMB Group are going to look into the benefits of renovating your home instead of moving altogether.


First and foremost, and perhaps most obviously, renovating your home will cost you less than buying a new house. Renovations aren’t cheap, but they are significantly cheaper than relocating, and who’s to say any new home won’t require some renovating too? Redesigning the rooms of your current property can be an exciting challenge and a chance for you to nurture the budding interior designer within you. You can tailor your renovation schedule to suit your budget, too – one room at a time, as and when you can afford to.

Increase the value of your home

Giving your home a facelift can increase its attractiveness to buyers, and therefore allow you to increase the price tag somewhat. The more significant the redesign, the bigger impact it’ll have on the price of your home – if you were to put a new wardrobe in, or paint a few walls, the value of your home may not be affected too much. However, if you were to knock through a wall to create an open plan kitchen/dining area, or you were to add an island to your kitchen, or a loft in your roof space, you’d see a hefty increase in the value of your property.

For example, converting the roof space in your home to a loft with an additional bedroom can increase your property value by up to 15%.

Avoid relocation hassle

While moving home is exciting, it is undoubtedly a complicated and potentially protracted process, with piles of paperwork and other logistical tasks to fill out and pack up. Home improvements can be time consuming, but they are certainly less time consuming than moving house.

No design limitations

Renovating your home yourself means you can make it look however you want it to look. Moving to a new home means it’s likely that someone else has had a go at interior design in the property, and that might not be to your taste. Whatever colours you want, however you want your worktops and bathroom to look, there’s nothing you can’t do with a bit of DIY (and maybe some professional assistance).

What are my renovation options?

1. Extensions

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Adding something onto your home, rather than changing something within it can completely transform your property. From conservatories for relaxing in to a bigger garage to store your vehicles, there are plenty of ways to extend your property, giving you more space when you need it.

2. Loft conversions

Loft Conversion on Leas Road, Warlingham

The beauty of loft conversions is the scope creating rooms with different uses. You might want an extra bedroom, a playroom for your children or simply more storage space. Whatever you need, a trusted loft conversion company can help you make the most of your roof space, which in turn will allow you to maximise the functionality and room in your home. LMB Group are experts in loft conversions of all types, including Mansard, hip-to-gable and dormer conversions, so if such works appeal to you, get in touch with us today.

3. Kitchen extensions

Property Refurbishment on Grove Hill, East Dulwich

The modern kitchen is far more than place to cook food. It functions as a space for socialising and relaxing as much as food preparation and with that in mind, extending your kitchen could prove invaluable. Adding an island, knocking through to a different room to create an open-plan space or even adding an extension from your kitchen to the exterior of your property can work wonders, giving you more space to chat, eat, cook and relax.

There are plenty of ways you can revitalise your domestic life and feel the benefit of new surroundings without moving house, saving you time, money and a lot of logistical thinking. If you’re in the market for home renovations, from loft conversions to outbuildings, get in touch with the experts at LMB Group today and we’ll be happy to help.