How to Choose the Best Loft Conversion Company For You

A builder laying flooring during a loft conversion

There’s nothing worse than spending on lots of money on a loft conversion, only to realise that the company you’ve hired are the loft converters from hell.

Loft conversions aren’t cheap and handing all your money over to builders who weren’t up to the job leaves you feeling cheated.

We don’t want that to happen, so here are a few tips on how to choose the best loft conversion company for your project.

Ask for references

Often, a satisfied customer will be happy to recommend a company that did a good job for them. Ask the company for references — and then check them out.

A trustworthy company will have a list of references and no problem with you following them up. You could even visit the property to see the conversion work for yourself and ask a few questions.

Loft Conversion on Thornhill Road, Croydon

Look for associations or accreditations

Accreditations and membership of professional associations are a sign of quality.

A reputable company will be keen to show they have the required level of expertise in their field and that their work meets industry standards.

Companies don’t necessarily have to sign up for every accreditation or association available, but you’ll feel more comfortable hiring one that has a few under their belt. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Compare quotes

A reliable company will provide a clear quote, be open about the costs and be happy to explain anything you don’t understand.

Seek out quotes from different companies and compare them to see if you’re getting value for your money. Don’t, however, assume that the cheapest quote is the best.

Ask what materials the company uses and if they work with anyone else. Check whether the quote includes VAT or not and if there any additional costs that the company hasn’t included in the quote.

Sometimes companies avoid putting all the materials in the quote. This gives the customer more flexibility — but also a nasty shock come invoice time if they’ve not accounted for these in the budget.

Loft conversion invoice in a folder

Check for guarantees and insurance

A respectable company won’t just do the job and vanish.

They’ll want to take responsibility for their work and will have guarantees and insurance so that if you have a problem with the conversion, you don’t have to pay more money to fix it.

Make sure the company offers guarantees on their work and is insured. If they don’t have these, they’re a company that doesn’t care.

Meet the team

You need to be comfortable with the company — after all, they’re going to be working in your home for several weeks.

Take the time to meet the team and have a chat with them so that you have complete confidence in them by the time they start the project.

If they’re hiring contractors to help them with the work, ask them how they will ensure the quality of the work.

Whoever is supervising the work should be answer any questions easily and openly.

We’re loft conversion specialists and have years of experience in the field. Feel free to drop in and have a chat with us or just send us an email and tell us about your project and what you have in mind.

We’ll provide you with expert advice so that you can make all the right decisions to go ahead with your loft conversion. Read our case studies and see what we could do for you.


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