How to Create More Space for Your Family


A key motivator behind a loft conversion is creating more space.

There’s no doubt that many homes in the UK are small and cramped and in desperate need of extra space and maximising living areas where possible, especially where family units are concerned.

Too quickly can a growing family outgrow their home.

This can be remedied with a loft conversion.

It’s certainly a less expensive option than moving house!

A loft conversion can be the perfect way to strengthen families and bring them closer together.

It’s about creating space, saving space and making more of your new space.

When embarking on a loft conversion, if the key driver behind your decision is to create space, then it’s vitally important that you focus on saving space once the conversion is complete.

With many years of experience under our belts, we can help you to do just that.

Fitted furniture is a great way to fill the space under the eaves that might otherwise be awkward to fill.

You could consider a fitted wardrobe to keep your newly converted loft tidy and spacious.

loft conversion on Verdayne Ave, Croydon

Window seats under doomer windows can be are perfect for utilise space and creating a relaxing and naturally-lit space for you to enjoy your new loft conversion while getting stuck in to a good book.

Another consideration for saving space is to create an en suite to fit your new surrounds.

Nooks under the eaves can be an ideal spot for a bath which might otherwise be wasted space.

You could even take this one step further and create a wet room!

family space

Clever use of lighting is an effective way of creating space in more confined and darker areas.

For example, ceiling lights that flood the roof area with light will make your loft appear larger, particularly if the light bounces of the eaves.

Equally, when the sun goes down, dimmable lights and smaller wall lights or lamps can turn converted loft spaces into beautifully cosy environments perfect for spending time in alone to relax or with friends and family to unwind.

A new loft conversion could serve as a playroom for young infants where toys and games can be stored and snug spaces created utilised when a little more ‘calm’ is required.

Moreover, as children grow older and seek independence, a converted loft can be the perfect place for them to hang out with friends, away from parents, in the comfort (and safety) of their own home.

Where specific provisions are made for the children, the house isn’t left cluttered or untidy by their possessions.

One of the great benefits of a loft conversion over, say, an extension is that it doesn’t force you to compromise on space such as the garden.

Family garden Loft Conversion on Thornhill Road, Croydon

Oftentimes you are only converting upwards and utilising much of what was already there.

Where the family is concerned, maintaining valuable areas like the garden ensure that you really are adding to family life and creating more space, not simply trading one out for the other.

Simply put, the cost of moving into a new family home could cost you thousands alone in stamp duty.

Giving some serious thought to a loft conversion could give you and your family a whole new lease of life.

Talk to us and we’ll help you to get planning for your space-saving conversion for 2019.


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