Loft Conversion on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

Creating An En Suite In Your Loft

Converting your loft into an extra living area brings with it a number of advantages, from adding value to your property to giving you a spare bedroom, bathroom, leisure room or more without the need to move to a bigger home.

Loft Conversion on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

But whatever you decide to do with your attic conversion, one of the main issues that must always be overcome is how to best utilise the limited space, and never is this more of a problem than in the design and installation of an en suite bathroom.


For starters, having an en suite fitted implies that this is in conjunction with a bedroom conversion, which immediately cuts your available space down considerably. That doesn’t mean that you should be put off, however, as there are a variety of ways in which you can overcome the limitations of the room to provide you with a convenient, attractive en suite.

Begin by planning your layout. Remember: if you are fitting a shower, it must have sufficient headroom above it, so it may not be appropriate to have this area located underneath one of the sloping eaves.

Lighting and Ventilation

Ensure that the bathroom space will be well lit – a skylight will provide adequate sunlight, but a dormer window offers the extra advantage of added headroom above a bath or toilet. Windows will also aid ventilation, something that is essential in any potentially humid room to ward off mould growth – not to mention being a necessity under Building Regulations.


Plumbing and pipework should be a priority consideration. Having an understanding as to where the current pipes serving other bathrooms within the house are is important, as connecting your en suite’s drainage and hot/cold water pipes to them is by far the simplest option. Maintaining sufficient water pressure in a loft bathroom may necessitate moving a hot water tank to a higher level than the en suite’s taps and shower, but this work should always be carried out by trained professionals.

Space Savers

Once the legwork has been done in regards to fitting the facilities and correctly plumbing in sinks, showers and toilets, you can begin to think about ways in which you can create the impression of space within the en suite. One way is to consider fitting glass doors and surfaces with reflective properties, performing a similar function to the way that long, wall-length mirrors appear to double the size of a room. Similarly, bright tiling will help to emphasise a light and airy feel.

Having doors that slide open and closed will prevent space being used by them swinging into the room, while utilising shelves for storage instead of drawers and cupboards will do the same.

Corner baths and sinks take up limited space, and a shower tray may only need to be 1m x 2.8m. Any non-essential storage can be situated outside of the en suite to save room for the basics.

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