Loft Cleaning

How to Declutter Your Loft

Lofts are a handy storage space. You can very easily pop things into them and forget all about them. Then, …

Loft Conversion

Does a Loft Conversion Add Value?

Have you bought a property and are now looking for ways to increase the value? Maybe while looking for ways …

Loft Conversion

How to Create More Space for Your Family

A key motivator behind a loft conversion is creating more space. There’s no doubt that many homes in the UK …

Loft Conversion in Wellfield Gardens, Sutton
House Extension

Is A Loft Conversion Right For Me?

Deciding whether to convert your loft into a liveable can be both daunting and exciting. Luckily there are some key …

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House Extension

5 Unusual Uses for your Loft

There are many way to make more of a situation, to express yourself through design and to indulge your passions. …

conversion nightmares loft
House Extension

Loft Conversion Nightmares & Horror Stories

It’s not our intention to keep you awake at night worrying about the terrors that follow, but while new houses …

Planning permission
Bedroom Conversion

What You Need To Know: Planning Permission & Buidling Regs

  One of our most frequently asked questions is around planning permission and building regulations. It is considered one of …

Kitchen flooring Property Refurbishment on Grimwade Avenue, Croydon
House Extension

Do I Need to Tell My Home Insurer About My Renovations?

If you’ve made the decision to renovate your home, it is strongly advised that you tell your home insurer. It’s …

Loft Conversion on Thornhill Road, Croydon
Loft Conversion

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In A Loft Conversion?

You might have noticed them on your street: the roofs of homes suddenly gaining a few extra windows, changing shape …

Property Refurbishment on Grove Hill, East Dulwich
Loft Conversion

Moving Home vs Renovation

If you spend a few years in the same property, there will likely come a time where you grow tired …

Loft Conversion on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon
Loft Conversion

Five Styles Of Loft Conversion

Considering a Loft Conversion? LMB creates beautiful, bespoke loft conversions providing you with a stunning space and somewhere to unwind. …

Property Refurbishment on Grimwade Avenue, Croydon
Loft Conversion

5 Steps to Loft Conversion Success

Considering a loft conversion? Finding it a daunting prospect? LMB Group, as a professional loft conversion company, with many years’ …

Loft conversion on Shrewsbury Road, Beckenham

Bright & Creative Space: My Dream Come True!

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end. These lines from a Management Expert …

loft conversion on Verdayne Ave, Croydon
Interior Design

Decorating Tips For Loft Conversions

Whether adding another bedroom, or creating a home office or playroom, loft conversions offer the convenience of extra space without …

Property Refurbishment on Grimwade Avenue, Croydon
Loft Conversion

Making Your Loft Conversion Safe For Children

Extending your home with a loft conversion is a great way to add space and value, but those with young …

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Loft Conversion

Maintain The Style Of Your Property When Converting The Loft

With all the benefits in terms of increased space and property value that loft conversions can bring, getting it right …