Guildersfield Road

Anna and Maurice have two children, four grandchildren and their son lives in America. Anna says “it was a case of having to use the front room as a bedroom – not very convenient. We wanted everyone to stay together”.

LMB Group have made the most of the family home, building an extra bedroom for the grandchildren to stay in and an extra family bathroom. With enough space to be used flexibly, it’s currently being used as a home gym.

It’s going to be absolutely awesome!

“We chose well going with LMB. They’re a good team, a really good team. This space is amazing. I can’t believe how much room there is. And the light as well. It’s amazing. Now that we have this room I can’t wait for my son to be here and see it and to have the grandchildren playing about. It’s going to be absolutely awesome!” Watch Anna’s emotional testimonial to hear more about our work for her and her family.

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