Loft conversions on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

Can I have A Balcony In My Loft?

Converting your loft into a new bedroom, bathroom, office or leisure space is the best way to both increase the living area and to add value to your home.

Ensuring that there is sufficient natural lighting, whether through a Velux or dormer window, is vital to making the space as livable as possible. The addition of a balcony is another great way to encourage natural light, while simultaneously providing an attractive and unique feature to the conversion.

There is no better way to enjoy the views from your new loft conversion than by adding a balcony on which to stand, whether with a morning coffee or taking in the evening air. The increased light offered by the larger window area makes the loft seem larger, and opens it up into an airy and desirable living space.

Balconies are becoming more and more in demand in the UK, perhaps due to the warmer, more extended summers we’ve seen over the last few years, and represent a major selling point when it comes time to move.

Loft conversions on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

Balcony Types

Juliet balconies (or ‘balconets’) are one popular style, so called for their resemblance to those seen in many performances of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, common among the Venetian architecture of the age. Usually accessed via French doors, Juliet balconies are often nothing more than an iron fence attached to the exterior of the window. With no protrusion from the property, these are among the easiest balconies to install.

The main alternative to the Juliet balcony are those that are added on to the side of the loft as an extension. Often referred to as ‘true balconies’, these provide a luxurious space in which to unwind, and often contain garden furniture or even a BBQ.

Another option is the mezzanine balcony. Although not strictly considered a balcony – more a separate ‘level’ – mezzanines can be thought of as an additional floor internally within the property. Mezzanines can be incorporated as a part of large loft conversions, adding a hugely unique feature to any property, but are generally not suitable for most standard size homes.

Property Requirements

The first thing to check when considering adding a balcony to your loft is whether any planning permissions are required. If the balcony is part of a wider loft conversion, this may already have been addressed.

Next, it’s time to check your roof for suitability. Consult a surveyor or accredited tradesman to discover if any planned balcony addition involves removing load-bearing elements, as well as whether the roof is in good enough shape to support any work planned. Reinforcements may be needed if not.

If planning permission or structural issues prevent you from having a ‘true balcony’ or other protruding type, a Juliet balcony is generally always an option.

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