Best Rooms for Working from Home

office desk in bedroom

Working from home has been a phrase we have all become familiar with during the pandemic, and it looks to be a trend that is here to stay. Whilst many people have returned to the world of open-plan offices and hot-desking, home working is now the new normal for countless others.

Businesses that are embracing this shift have reported increased productivity and happier staff. Take away the slog of the daily commute, missing food from the fridge and meetings that could have been emails, it is easy to see the appeal.

However, there are challenges, such as deciding the best room for working from home. Not everyone has a spare room available, which can make deciding where to set up your home office a struggle.

Here at LMB Lofts, we want to help you make the most of the space you have and give you some home-office inspiration. We can discuss all sorts of space-saving solutions with you over the phone, so feel free to give us a call.

In the meantime, we will discuss the advantages and pitfalls of working from different areas around the house.

Working in the Living Room

living room

The living room is considered one of the best rooms for working from home, especially if you favour plenty of space. Big windows provide plenty of natural light, while your internet connection is probably at its strongest here too.

The living room is a space you use daily, so you do not want your workstation to take over. Seek out a permanent area such as a corner, nook or bay window, so you have a degree of separation from the room you relax in.

If you have a large household, then the living room is often the hub of the house. It tends to be where the TV is, which is not ideal if you are easily distracted. You want to make a good impression when speaking to clients, so if your role involves talking a lot on the phone, you might want somewhere a little more private.

It is important to be comfortable whilst working, however, if you do opt to set up your home office in the living room, we recommend avoiding the lure of the sofa and invest in an ergonomic chair – your back will thank you later.

Working in the Bedroom

office desk in bedroom

When deciding where to set up your home office, you ought to consider the bedroom as this typically offers plenty of privacy. Even in multiple-person households, a bedroom tends to be for your sole use or just you and your partners use only. If you deal with sensitive data and handle confidential documents, the extra privacy will give you some peace of mind. It is also more likely to be upstairs, away from the bustle, so you can fully focus.

However, if you struggle to switch off at night, it could be difficult to relax when it is time to wind down. Even during the day, the proximity of the bed could make you tempted to catch 40 winks in between meetings, which isn’t great from a productivity standpoint.

Yet, if you consider yourself a disciplined person, who can regularly take a break from the same four walls, then the benefits of privacy could outweigh the other concerns. If that doesn’t sound like you, then maybe hit snooze on that idea.

Working in the Kitchen

desk in kitchen

When it comes to home working, your kitchen has a lot of potential. There are ample power sockets and quick access to snacks. It is easy to get up and fix yourself a hot drink, plus you could even use the dinner table as a makeshift desk. Then again, kitchens tend to be hives of activity with people coming in and out throughout the day. Other distractions such as cooking smells might also be a little off-putting too.

Consider also, if appliances such as washing machines will be in use during the day, as presenting your monthly figures during a spin cycle isn’t going to go down too well.
However, if none of the above applies to you, then the kitchen could be the best room for working from home. If you have any external space going spare, you could utilise it by creating a kitchen extension.

This is where LMB Lofts can help. We offer kitchen extensions and would be glad to give you tips and ideas. If you are going to be working from home permanently, it could be the best investment you ever make.

Working in the Garage/Outhouse

If you have an external building like an annexe, summerhouse or garage, then you might think it is the ideal place to work. Unlike the rooms in your house, where the lines between work and home life become blurred, having your office as a separate entity means you can shut the door on that part of the day once it is over. Just make sure you have a strong enough internet connection and adequate power supply. You also want to ensure you can keep cool during the summer months and be sufficiently warm enough in the winter for your comfort and wellbeing.

Best Rooms for Working from Home – Final Thoughts

When it comes to deciding the best rooms to work from home – the secret is compromise. There will be advantages and disadvantages to each area of your home, so it is best to consider the nature of your role and choose which room best serves your purpose.

Set up your home office in a room that fosters positive feelings, makes you feel motivated, allows you to concentrate but not feel enclosed and shut off from the world. LMB Lofts are on hand to help you create your dream home office environment, so get in touch today to find out more about the services we offer.


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