10 Unique Reasons To Invest In Loft Space

As London’s premier loft conversion specialists

LMB Group knows just how much a loft conversion can benefit your home – and we are not just talking about the 15% it can potentially add to the value of the home or the extra space.

A loft conversion can be so much more and make such a difference to family life. Over the years we have been involved in some fabulous transformations that include a cosy, upstairs den, a creative studio – even a space from which to study outer space!

Here, LMB Group explains first-hand our 10 unique reasons to invest in Loft Space in 2021.

1. Stargaze From Your Place
You would be surprised at just how many people invest in a loft conversion to indulge their passion for astronomy. What could be more relaxing than an evening of star gazing? Relax, reach for the stars (and two glasses of wine), grab that special someone and bask in the glory of an incredible view for two. With so many astronomical events taking place throughout the year, seeing something truly out of this world is a given. Astronomy is a growing in popularity and offers you a real chance of getting away from it all. So, with natural beauty by your side (and in front of you) enjoy the magnificent sights of not only your partner but the midnight sky, all from the comfort of your very own loft space.

2. Creative Studio
From that long overdue soak in the bath to the sweet sound of a fine wine pouring in the kitchen, the rooms in our home have so long been set for a specific purpose. And as our families grow there becomes less space for us to get in touch with our creative side. Strange really when you consider you were (once upon a time) a very artistic and creative person who thrived when armed with a paint brush or a guitar, rocking out at your student union bar with your band and wowing guests with your new paintings. So, whether you’re looking to rediscover your inner Picasso or you’re simply looking to have a jam session with a few of your buddies in a soundproof studio, we’ll be able to tailor your space to your needs.

3. Man Cave/Bar
Whether you’re in the doghouse with ‘the Mrs’ or simply looking to escape from the world for a couple of hours, the ‘Man Cave’ is becoming a more and more popular reason to create a loft conversion. With 2020 forcing us into an unprecedented amount of time with our families (I say that with love…) it looks like this hideaway is here to stay, so kick back and relax after your working day. You can use your new-found personal space to enjoy a brand new video game or for some much-needed down time with the boys. If you’re feeling extra cool, add a splash of panache – throw on a Hawaiian shirt and become a barman for the evening in your very own cocktail bar.

4. Loft- Camera – Action
Looking for Netflix and thrills? As staying in has become the new going out, LMB can give your living space a million-dollar Hollywood makeover and bring the action straight to your living space. Lights – camera – action! Picture this: your favourite chair is a front row seat reserved just for you where you can tuck in to copious amounts of popcorn while enjoying your favourite summer flicks. A state-of-the-art loft conversion puts the spotlight firmly on you, so yes, it’s time to ditch that shoddy projector and invite your ‘Rule of Six’ crew over to stroll across the red carpet. Dim the lights, ‘shhh’ and let the room do the talking.

5. Climbing Wall
Are your kids driving you up the wall? If you can’t beat them… join them. One of the more creative reasons for a loft conversion is to allow youngsters to literally climb the walls. Yes, it’s growing in popularity and we can install a stand-alone wall or cover all walls around the room as part of a loft conversion gym. You’ll be the coolest parents in town!

6. Kids Playground
Children NEED to be able to play as much as possible, especially when technology threatens to become the only pastime. It’s not always easy getting your little darlings out in the fresh air, especially if the weather looks a bit dreary. So why not bring the outside in and turn your loft into a kid’s playground! Use construction pipes to create monkey bars on the ceiling or up the walls as a ladder. If your roof space has enough room, then a small corner can be turned into a cosy seating area where older siblings, friends or family members can chill out and leave the little ones to it.

7. Library
If you and/or your family are major bookworms then what an oasis a private library can be! With clever planning, you can cram in the maximum amount of books possible. Plus, if you’re a real library fanatic, you could even devise your own indexing method and invite friends and family to join your library. Play at being the librarian and provide membership cards and invest in a date stamp when lending out books! Awkward spaces can also be transformed into comfy seating areas, or beanbags can be neatly tucked away and brought out when that hot cuppa and classic read are needed.

8. Photography Studio
If you are a novice photographer, love taking photos as a hobby or are looking for studio space as part of your photography business, then your loft can be the perfect solution to keep you snap happy. Painting the whole room white and installing professional lighting can lead to stunning results. A simple but clever conversion.

9. Therapy Space
A therapeutic floor you just cannot ignore, this well-being den will be your escape from the stresses of the world. A secret space away from the rest of the house, where you’ll be able to relax, rejuvenate and unwind in your very own upstairs studio. Did you even know you can even have an attic sauna? They have to be built to specification so as long as you have enough space to work with, and access to electricity then we can install this fantastic Finnish invention! Additional planning permission is not required for a sauna so it’s just the usual planning and building regulations.

10. Your Mini House
Can’t afford to move out? Move into the makeshift apartment upstairs. Depending on the potential of space, you could literally have an open plan living space at your disposal, including an eating, sleeping and shower area. It’s literally a home from home!


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