Loft Conversion on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

How Can DIY Improve The Value Of Your Home?

From the badly painted wall to the shelf put up at the jauntiest of angles; we’ve all performed – or been the victims of – some dodgy DIY in our time. But with the correct tools and a bit of know-how, embarking on a good old fashioned bit of do it yourself can result in a number of positive outcomes beyond just the aesthetic improvement that decoration and refurbishment can bring.

Loft Conversion on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

When deciding to sell, there are a range of value-increasing and relatively simple tasks you can complete to improve the visual appeal and therefore the selling power you can wield. For example, stripping carpets back to reveal hardwood floors, especially in older homes where high quality timber may have been used, adds more than a touch of elegance to a dining room or kitchen. This wood will most likely need to be treated in some form; sanded down and varnished to remove rough surfaces and provide protection.

Hiring a professional to quickly survey your house and suggest possible improvements could be well worth the cost, as an experienced eye will be able to assess your entire home within an hour, as well as pointing out any potential deterioration that may need addressing, such as hidden water leaks or a fault in the roof tiling. You will then be in command of a greater knowledge when you come to carry out your DIY project, reducing any time and money wasted on unnecessary tasks.

Never underestimate the power of green space. Even the smallest patch of lawn or flowerbed can infinitely brighten up the exterior of your home, particularly at the front of the house where it can play an important role in presenting a good first impression to buyers. Remember to only purchase plants or greenery that is suited to your environment, and be prepared to undertake routine maintenance, such as weeding and cutting the grass.

A successful space-creating remodelling or extension will add untold value to your home, especially if it includes improvement work in your loft space. Loft extensions have long been proven to be the most effective way of driving up the price of your property, and considering a decent budget for a professional attic conversion is a safe and worthwhile investment. Once the experts have finished however, there are a few DIY touches that could determine the success of the extension. For example, a few simple additions to turn an empty conversion into a liveable space, such as fitted furniture or simple plumbing installations, and the efficacy of a freshly painted wall should never be forgotten! Stick to neutral colours for a clean, modern look.

Insulation is a major consideration for buyers today, so ensure that your loft is sufficiently insulated using mineral wool and rigid insulation boards over the joists of your attic floor for ‘cold loft insulation’, or between the roof rafters for ‘warm loft insulation’, depending on the intended use of the space.

DIY can only take you so far when improving your roof space however, so call on the professionals at LMB Group to carry out the major renovation work required to transform your attic into a new bathroom, bedroom or home office. Our qualified experts are on hand to take care of your extension from start to finish, designing the ideal loft for your home before undertaking all work in a reliable and efficient manner – and all at highly competitive prices.

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