Understanding Loft Conversion Costs

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According to research, the average cost of converting a loft is between £20,000 and £60,000.

If you’re planning to convert your loft into a bathroom and/or you’re making substantial changes to the roof, the costs can rise because of aspects such as plumbing.

Although costs may vary, depending on your location, this might sound steep.

There are lots of costs to consider, but, generally, companies base loft conversion costs based on the roof structure, the amount of space and adaptations necessary for the staircase, fire safety and other aspects.

Below we explain some of the things that projects entail and aspects that companies consider, so that you can understand your loft conversion costs better.

Planning permission and building regulations

Unfortunately, you can’t just launch into transforming your loft. If only life was that simple!

Despite loft conversions being a permitted development, you’ll have to apply for planning permission if your plans fall outside of certain conditions. Of course, there is a fee for the application.

Even if you do spare yourself the planning permission, but there’s no escaping the building regulations.

A builder or architect must check and approve your conversion before you can use it as a liveable space.

They’ll check aspects such as the strength of structures, fire safety access and insulation.

Extra ceiling joists are one example of the reinforcements you could have to make to pass the inspection. You may have to make further changes if the loft fails the checks.

Builder and architect in front of a house and making plannings for a loft conversion

The types of loft conversion

The type of conversion you choose will also have an impact on the cost.

The most straightforward is room-to-room conversion. They’re normally the cheapest and tend to start from around £15,000 or more.

They’ll involve reinforcing the flooring; adding skylights and insulation; installing or adapting electricity, lighting and heating; adding or adapting the staircase; and measures to comply with fire safety.

Expect a higher expense when you opt for a more complex conversion, such as a dormer loft conversion. As well as the measures above, this conversion will call for the measures above as raising the ceiling and cost upwards of £20, 000.

A hip-to-gable conversion, which depends on the style of roof and is ideal for semi- and detached houses, can start at around £25,000 to £30,000 or more, whereas a mansard conversion, which involves raising the walls can cost from £35,000 upwards.

When calculating possible conversion costs, it helps to think in terms of squared metres. Work out how many square metres of space your loft occupies. Estimate that the conversion could cost anything between £1,100 and £2,500 or more per squared metre, depending on the type you choose.

mansard loft conversion In London

Is the roof structure suitable?

A solid roof structure is paramount.

If your roof structure is a traditional frame type, you’re in luck. The loft conversion company can open the loft up and go about the conversion without the project incurring much extra expense.

A trussed roof, however, could require additional structural work. Conversions that involve making changes to the roof are one of the most expensive kinds.

You can be looking at around £40,000 upwards if you’ve got to make changes to the roof.

Managing the project

You may think about managing the loft conversion project yourself. You’ll also have to take out insurance if you plan to do this.

We wouldn’t advise managing your own loft conversion unless you’re exceptionally skilled or experienced in construction work.

We recommend leaving it to us. We’re loft conversion specialists and have the skills, knowledge and experience behind us to carry out your loft conversion successfully.

We give solid advice and do our level best to keep your costs down.

Call us or email us and find out what we can do for you.