Deposit Protection Guarantee

When deciding to invest in a loft conversion, you will no doubt require assurance that your money is in safe hands. As the majority of projects carried out by LMB will necessitate a deposit as down payment, knowing that this lump sum is legally protected will offer peace of mind to all of our clients.

By transferring your deposit to a third party, such as the IWA, you are protected against the risk of losing your money in the highly unlikely event of LMB being unable to complete the job. Safeguarding you from the instant you lay down your deposit, you will be supplied with a Deposit Protection certificate, keeping your money secure.

Opting to work with an IWA-accredited trader, such as LMB Group Ltd, helps you to avoid cowboy contractors out for a quick payday. For more information about the deposit protection guarantees we can offer customers throughout wider South London area, get in touch today.