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Refurbishment Focus: Kitchen Theme

The festive season is now here.

How can such a short sentence evoke so many mixed emotions and have very different connotations for different people..?

Christmas dinner, serving drinks, smiling, providing snacks, setting the table, preventing squabbles, smiling, cleaning up, staying organised, popping champagne, playing fridge Tetris, still smiling.

Christmas is a tour de force that can test the most stalwart of family-peacemakers and Winter homemakers.

Your patience and your kitchen must be prepared for this unavoidable onslaught.

But once the dust has settled, the relatives have started to drift off and everyone is full to the brim on the back of your toil and unrelenting labour on the happiest day of the year, you might find yourself reflecting on how it all went.

You might reflect on your ‘flow’ in the kitchen, a sort of post-game debrief, if you will:

How functional was it during the busiest part of the day?

How easy was it to tidy up?

How accessible were the things you needed?

What did the in-laws think of how clean it was (or wasn’t!)?

Do you care?

What about how it looks?

Do you like your kitchen?

You see, once Christmas Day is over, there’s still Boxing Day, The Day After Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, these questions won’t go away, and you and your kitchen will be tested over and over again.

But then January strikes like a splash of cold water, and, before you know it it’s your time.

Time to sober up and re-design your life.

Time to take back control, time to rip out your current kitchen and get refurbishing.

That’s right, it’s time for something new and something you!

We’ve compiled some great and inspiring refurbishment ideas and kitchen themes that are bound to get your creative juices flowing and to further disturb that hankering you’ve always had for a brand new kitchen that works, that you like, and that you actually enjoy being in!


Try the colour green as your theme for 2019

kitchen theme plants

Think emeralds and forest greens, think palm tree accents and botanical touches.

For warmer notes, consider tiling in racing green (just like Regent’s Park underground tube station).

Dark green stoves and ovens can create the feel of a traditional country home.

Green is a naturally calming colour, it’s associated with health, but it’s also really versatile.

Green can be pale and Summery, it can be clean and fresh but it can also be darker, deep and very warming.


The eco paradise

kitchen theme eco

We’re talking about reclaimed, saved, organic materials.

Think recycled glass and steel, sustainable timber and a focus on minimal waste.

Some key features might be cork flooring, bamboo lights and fixtures, even concrete worktops.

Salvaging wood can be a great way to create a rustic and natural feel in your kitchen as well as keeping your costs down!

Don’t forget to introduce some foliage into the kitchen.

Sat on top of natural wood, ferns and shrubs will look delightful!



kitchen theme

A kitchen with a binary colour scheme can create a huge impact.

For those seeking a sharp aesthetic in the kitchen and who are fond of a polished appearance, sticking to black and white is one way to show guests you’ve got style!

You could try chequered tiling similar to the trousers worn by chefs.

Combining white cabinets with black worktops will provide you with the perfect canvas to show off your culinary creations.


White on White

kitchen theme white

For the purests among us, an all-white theme is the only kitchen theme that can deliver the perfect, zen-like, harmonious kitchen space that the heart desires and where you can be truly at ease.

Despite only working with one colour, using steels and other metals as well as near-white marbles or stone for your worktops and flooring, you can create a white kitchen that’s dynamic and interesting.

Anything you create in a white-themed kitchen will look amazing and your guests will certainly agree.


Scandi Coffee Shop

kitchen theme scandi

Ever wanted to recreate the Scandinavian nordic retreat or hipster coffee shop vibe in your own kitchen?

Well, you absolutely can!

Using block, dark blues and greys with autumnal yellows you can replicate the very colour pallette that might be found in a cosy Nordic abode.

Couple that colour scheme with minimalist furniture (think 70s-style tables and chairs) to extend the theme further.

Exposed brick is a very effective way create natural warmth in your kitchen and also as a way to draw attention to a focal pieces like trendy, low-hanging light bulbs with quirky filaments.

You could even play around with ornaments that you switch up over the different seasons from skis to surfboards.

Make sure that there’s a constant supply of single origin filter coffee brewing and you can guarantee that your kitchen is the place to be no matter the season or weather!


Let us help you

Kitchens can be so versatile and needn’t be tired or boring.

With the right theme and utilizing the space available in the best way, you can get the kitchen you’ve always wanted in your own home.

Embarking on a kitchen refurbishment is possibly the best way to kick off your new year in a way that’s guaranteed to give you, your home and your family and friends a brand new lease of lease of life.

There are simply so many options available to you that will transform your kitchen and enhance your home.

kitchen theme ideas

Whether you’d like some minor changes to your kitchen or you want a larger space to cook, eat and socialise in, our experts can provide you with exactly what you need.

We have access to the highest quality materials, and those materials will be put to use by our skilled, experienced team to ensure that you’re left with the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

For more information about our kitchen refurbishment services, please feel free to get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help you.