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Refurbishment Focus: Colour Schemes

The next installment of our Refurbishment Focus series looks at colour schemes: what works, what to be careful of and how to ensure you get the best out of your newly refurbished home.

If you missed the first of our new series which looks at the benefits of letting more natural light into your home, you can find that here.

The number of benefits both to your home and you would have many living in a greenhouse, so have a read and stock up on light if you haven’t already!

Decorating your home is not always as simple as brush strokes and wearing white.

Choosing the right scheme for your home is often just as important as the structure of a room and furnishings.

Colour has the ability to completely transform a space, a room, a whole house.

Different hues and textures all have significant impact on how colours behave.

People often have concerns about the huge amounts of research and mood boards required to arrive at the right colour scheme for them.

Although it shouldn’t be a painstaking process, utilising colour in the best possible way is absolutely crucial when designing a new space.

To that end, we’ve compiled a few selected tips to help you consider some aspects of colour and aesthetics that are easily confused or overlooked completely!


Colour schemes choices


Colour creates mood

Colour has an immediate ability to set the mood; it can calm or invigorate, create energy and even inspire.

Here’s our first warning light: be careful if you’re thinking about a monochrome scheme.

Though many agree that there is a limitless palette of colours – greys bold and soft, dark and light – such schemes can fall foul of creating any excitement at all and looking rather boring.

This doesn’t mean your dreams of being a minimalist are shattered, simply that colours don’t always have to match.

However, your focus should definitely be on colours that compliment each other.

Well-considered monochrome is fine, a room that looks like a dismantled chessboard…not so much.


Make it personal to you

This is your opportunity to express yourself and create the space that you’ve always dreamed off, so make it personal to you!

Colours can send very clear and strong messages to guests about who we are and so it’s often a good idea to consider what messages you convey through your home as to the sort of person you are.

A home refurbishment is an exciting project and a great opportunity to create a space that compliments or accentuates your own overall aesthetic and persona.

Make it true to you and the space will be so much more enjoyable, don’t just design to suit what you think your guests will like!


colour schemes balancing tones



Another quick warning light here: bear in mind proportion.

If your colour scheme is leaning towards the bold, that’s great, but do so in moderation.

The use of colour must be proportionate to the overall aesthetic and, of course, pleasing to the eye.

Whilst fun-loving characters may well associate themselves with bright pastels or funky tones, there is a reason that the appetite for a ‘60s psychedelic vibe is no more!

Before long patterns can begin to compete with each other so be careful not to overuse and mix up too many patterns.

Dizziness will otherwise ensue!

The good news is that if you are thinking of using some patterns alongside geometric shapes and bold colours, the use of neutral tones work really well as grounding colours and serve to balance what would otherwise be a really noisy space.


Create cohesion and links

Having distinctive spaces in your house is a great way to achieve unique areas that serve to function in different ways and create different moods and atmospheres.

What will really go a long way to making a good scheme great, is introducing some cohesion throughout the house.

Give some attention to ways that you can achieve continuity, particularly in the spaces where rooms connect to each other, like hallways.

We’ve seen so many houses over the years, the majority of which we’ve refurbished ourselves, and as such, we’re more than happy to help you pick out schemes and make useful and thought-provoking suggestions that will compliment your newly designed space and bring out the best of your refreshed home.

Get in touch today to have a chat about the various options available to you.