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loft conversion on Verdayne Ave, Croydon
Design Tips: How To Utilise Space Within Your Loft

Loft conversions are undoubtedly a fantastic way to open up your home with the addition of an extra room at …

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loft conversion on Shirley Road, Croydon
Is My Loft Height Suitable for a Loft Conversion?

Transforming your loft into a livable space, for example as a spare bedroom or home office, is a great way …

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Ways To Create More Space For Your Growing Family [Infographic]

Whether it’s a new baby on the way, an elderly relative moving in, or two families becoming one, there are …

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The Rise Of The London Skyscraper

With a city operating on the size and scale of London – a bustling metropolis that is struggling to contain …

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lighting default
Unique Loft Lighting Ideas [Interactive]

LED Spot Lighting » Sensored Lighting » Mood Lighting » Remove Lighting » Once the loft construction work has finished, …

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Keeping your loft cool in the summer
Why An Architectural Designer Is Vital For Your Loft Conversion

As with the vast majority of projects, the success of a loft conversion or other home extension lies in the …

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London’s High House Prices [Infographic]

  Although the figures still make for shocking reading, London’s high house prices are no longer a surprise to many. …

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Popular Garage Conversion Ideas

Some rusty gardening equipment; an old mattress; a few half-empty tins of paint; a rusty old car waiting to be …

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Loft conversions on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon
Can I have A Balcony In My Loft?

Converting your loft into a new bedroom, bathroom, office or leisure space is the best way to both increase the …

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loft conversion on Shirley Road, Croydon
Loft Conversion Types: Velux

All loft conversions, provided they are suitable to your home and the available space, bring with them untold benefits in …

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Planning Permission
What Kind Of Loft Can I Have If I’m In A Conservation Area?

By now, we are all aware of the many benefits that loft conversions bring to a household. From increased property …

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Loft Conversion on Thornhill Road, Croydon
What Are The Different Lighting Options For Your Loft?

So you’ve opted to convert your loft into a spare bedroom/an extra bathroom/a home office or simply a room in …

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