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Refurbishment Focus: Natural Light

As part of our new Refurbishment Focus series, we’re exploring the many different aspects of home improvement.

This series is designed to inspire you to consider the many facets and features of your own home which you might not have thought about previously.

If you’re considering changes, looking at maximizing or even making more space, or have recently moved, this is the series for you.

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This month, given how incredibly hot the weather has been and how lucky we’ve been with so much sunshine, we’re looking at ways to increase the natural light in your home and why you should strive to let in as much of the glorious sunlight as you can.

Once it’s gone, sunlight is quickly missed, as soon as winter comes around, many of us are wishing away the dark mornings and evenings and longing for the bright days of summer once again.

Here’s a look at the many advantages and benefits of filling your home with the warmth and energy of natural light.


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Be Greener

A home that’s full of natural light requires less artificial light throughout the day.

Saving on electricity in this way reduces the burning of fossil fuels needed to produce electricity, which goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint.

Not only will reducing your energy consumption benefit the environment, you’ll also reduce your utility bills, keeping more money in your back pocket.

Perhaps you could put the extra cash towards a winter holiday in the sun!

We all know how great houseplants are from an interior design point of view.

With more natural light in your home, you can keep plants that will grow all year round.

This will bring more life into your house and make your spaces more aesthetically pleasing; a healthier feel all round.


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Physical Health

The sun has an amazing number of health benefits, both inside and outside our bodies.

After reading this section we’re confident you’ll be a fully converted sun-lover.

Unlike dingy, dark spaces, natural light reduces the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house and is recognised as a natural disinfectant.

Inside the body, benefits include: increases in vitamins B and D, increases in red and white blood cells, increases in serotonin (happiness hormone) and endorphins!

This means that during the colder months you’re less likely to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – your friends and family will thank you for this!


Mental Health

Multiple studies have shown that people spending time and working in natural light versus those in darker, shaded environments, have better short-term cognitive abilities.

Whether it’s increased employee performance in the workplace or improved mental wellbeing and happiness, the physical and psychological benefits of natural sunlight are undisputed.


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Add Value to Your Home

Many people choose to refurbish their home or to increase the size of their house for resale purposes, realising that they can profit from home improvements when they come to sell the house.

Any estate agent will tell you that a house flooded with natural light is certain to attract more buyers than a comparable house that’s darker.

In this respect, finding ways to increase light in your home will add to it’s value.

In addition, spaces that are well-lit are more aesthetically pleasing causing rooms to appear larger – that’s why a staged house has all the lights turned on!


What You Can Do

There are simply too many positive aspects of increasing the amount of sunlight in your home for it to be overlooked.

The key then is to consider how to maximise it.

There are plenty of changes you can make to achieve this.

Of course, if you’re considering an extension, large windows will serve you well, and conservatories, well, it goes without saying.

Skylights are a really popular and effective option, particularly if converting a loft space.

Skylights allow for plenty of light to enter yet they have much greater privacy than conventional windows.

When it comes to the decor during a refurbishment, use light colours in your interior design scheme and avoid placing thick furniture near the window in order to open up the space and reflect light around a room; white trims around your windows will help to reflect the sun’s light in the same way.

Mirrors are also a great way of reflecting light around a room and give the illusion of a brighter, larger space.


Loft conversions on Ashburton Avenue, Croydon

For those wanting to create a more sustainable home, thermo-efficient windows, doors and insulation provisions will allow the sunlight in but also keep the warmth in during colder months.

Wondering when is the best time to explore a refurbishment?

The summer months tend to work best because there’s plenty of sunshine going around for you to ascertain where in your home you need to maximise light and where it’s already basking in it.

Getting it done in time for winter will mean that you’ll be in the healthiest condition and highest spirits once the darker days hit!

If you’re in the market for a home refurbishment and want to rejuvenate some light and life into your surroundings without having to move house, then get in touch with the experts at LMB Group today and we’ll be happy to help.