National Biscuit Day

Saturday 29th May

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What Biscuit are you?


How Do You Like To Holiday?

What One Word Best Describes You?

What is something that makes you sweet?

What Makes You Feel At Home?

Which Do You Most Prefer?

What Biscuit Are You?
Jammie Dodger

You are jammy, controversial – and you are totally outside the box. Either loved or hated- some may think you do not ‘belong’ in the crowd- whilst others consider you to be their absolute favourite thing in this world!

Robust & tough on the inside and sweet and confident on the outside, you are always dressed to impress, pleasing on the eye and will not crumble under any form of pressure.

Everyone’s favourite lunatic, this edgy little ‘nut’ is both sweet, spicy, edgy, and eccentric. Powdered with love and surmounted with homeliness, you are a house maker- you have the ability and creativity to build other people up and you always get down to the root of someone’s problem. Ohhh snap!
Custard Cream

You are retro, too cool for school- light, airy, and always on your toes. Nobody can quite compare to you. You are a vision of perfection, ‘you’re a classic darling’ – you are independent, and you do not need to be dunked by nobody (clicks fingers) mic drop.

This bread may be short, but it is larger than life character really packs a punch. Thrives in the cold months and crumbles in Summer- this pale biscuit is loyal to its heritage, traditionally opting to stay put during the Wintertime. You play hard to get- and somebody would definitely walk ‘500 miles’ for you after a tough day.
Jaffa Cake

You have travelled far and wide to please the senses of millions around the world. You are a national celebrity who enjoys attention- on a journey of self-discovery to find yourself and work out who you truly are. On each step of your tour in this world- you divide opinions and relight debates like the firecracker you are.

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It was so wonderfully done; the attention to detail.
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Great team of guys, we had a really good relationship with them. They were very clean and they arrived bang on 8 am every morning.
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Great service. Very quick and very thorough in what they do. They kept me updated with everything they were going to do.
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It was so wonderfully done; the attention to detail.
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Because of the quality of work I’ve had done, I have already recommended and would recommend to other people to use LMB.
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Really nice, genuine people… The general package was really appealing.
Valley Road
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It’s like a new house! We have an absolutely much larger space, each child has their own area to play in, and papa and mama still hide out and work!