Is Beautiful Home Office Space Part Of Your New Years Restoration?

Out with the old, in with the ‘new normal’ with home office space you deserve 

Ahh 2020! The year of coronavirus, working from home, using our ironing boards as work desks, juggling cups of tea on our knee caps and taking zoom calls rested delicately on top of 7 carefully balanced books we’ve never read, poised with tension like a game of Jenga. Oh, and all of this happening whilst our toddler screams for more attention in the background!

Whilst some have been typing away in peace and quiet, away from the drama- in the comfort of a home office study, many of us haven’t had that luxury. That’s where LMB come in. With 2020 entering its final chapter and 2021 on the horizon, more and more of us are staying at home for an abundance of reasons. 

With all those creative thoughts and so little time, LMB are here to get your decisions locked down for the new year. Keen to provide a helping hand, we’ll not only give you the extra space for your home to add value to your property, but we genuinely care about the welfare of our customers, believing you genuinely deserve this comfort whilst you work. Whether it’s a new bedroom or home office space, it’s time to ditch your ironing board work desk and lockdown your interest with a free consultation!

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